Learn & Lead: 2021 GMTSS Leadership Workshop

This past weekend was a fabulous experiential learning opportunity as Cullen Haskins led our 2021 GMTSS Leadership Workshop in Miami. This year’s training was all about workshops, team building, and hands-on learning in groups. I’ve always been a huge believer in the power of experiential learning, so I was thrilled to see Cullen’s approach to this event – and feel this year’s training set a new benchmark for us. I love this new approach to training as it’s so much more meaningful when you get to experience something rather than just see it on a PowerPoint. 

This year’s leadership training was all in-person – and resulted in a magic moment for our company. Cullen is such an insightful leader and a brilliant speaker, but its his ability to convey information in a meaningful way which makes him such an impactful trainer of trainers. Cullen takes a scientific approach to this, which I love, and really understands the psychology behind being a great trainer. He understands the key fact that any speaker can focus on themselves, but it’s the truly great trainers who make the audience the star and the focus. It’s that level of experiential involvement and engagement that generates change – and I think the speakers really nailed it with this approach. The great part is these insights, practices, and approaches directly translate into business building skills as well! 

A special thank you to Cullen Haskins, Beth & Pip Black, Don Martin, Chele Boe, Melanie Nelson & Jim Winkler for providing such incredible training at our 2021 GMTSS Leadership Workshop. Your ideas and insights help enrich these learning experiences even further, and make them even more impactful for everyone!

Of all the topics discussed, I’m especially excited about the speakers bureau enhancements and what it means for those of you who are ready to step up and lead. It’s about harnessing excitement and energy and guiding it with knowhow to achieve tremendous results that more importantly foster even further success. It’s about generating momentum throughout the field and effecting change through positive action – and when that mindset pervades your entire organization truly amazing things happen. With all the passion, teamwork, and comradery present at this leadership training, I can’t help but think Dennis Franks is still with us – leading us on in spirit. 

This weekend’s training really reinforced one key fact for us – WE BELIEVE IN YOU! If you’re a leader, now is the time to step up and lead with effort and participation! Together we can make it happen!  

We capped off the weekend with a fun dinner & cruise on Utopia IV to celebrate with our Gold Challenge Winners who are setting the pace and leading the way for others to follow. I always love having the opportunity to meet with the people who are really making it happen and am excited to see what they accomplish as we build toward our next huge event – the 2022 Market America World Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. Whether you’re with us in-person or join us online, this hybrid event represents the next major step in our evolution as a company – and I urge everyone to attend to experience this for yourself. 

In the meantime – congratulations to our Challenge winners and the GMTSS Leaders who are making a huge difference and leading the way! We have big things in store for 2022 and being at World Conference is the best way to ensure you’re in a position to capitalize! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger