August 20th, 2018

Learn and Grow with Key MAIC2018 Presentation Highlights

What makes events like #MAIC2018 so special is the fact they are so filled with information that you need to review many of the presentations multiple times before it all begins to really click. I look at these events as enormous educational opportunities which arm UFOs with priceless business building information and insights – and one of the best ways you can ensure you maximize this learning opportunity is to rewatch the different presentations on MeetON and YouTube.

We make it easy for you to capitalize on this event by providing you with excellent follow-up resources, but it’s up to you to utilize these tools to learn and grow! Below you’ll find a great assortment of thoughts, ideas, and concepts we’ve collected from Loren, Marc, and my presentations from International Convention. Reviewing these videos to ensure you understand the core concepts and fundamentals can have a massive impact on your success and growth as an UnFranchise Owner. Share this with your team and review these crucial concepts from #MAIC2018!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



JR Ridinger MAIC2018 Thoughts











Loren Ridinger MAIC2018 Thoughts





Marc Ashley MAIC2018 Thoughts





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