Join Marc Ashley Tonight on Zoom for a Special MAIC2020 Update!

Team, we all have a tremendous learning opportunity tonight with a Zoom session that’s too important to be missed. Market America’s President & COO Marc Ashley will be hosting a special session tonight where he’ll provide some crucial information related to our first online edition of MAIC!!! 

I’m going to miss seeing my UnFranchise Family in person this year at MAIC2020 – but the fact that we’re hosting the 2020 Market America International Convention online means it allows everyone the opportunity to really drill down on the learning & empowering aspects of this event. This year’s International Convention will be unlike any we’ve ever provided, and we’re so excited to host MAIC2020 online because it removes all the ancillary things such as travel and helps us all focus on the core items which inspire UnFranchise evolution, growth, and success. 

Tonight’s Zoom session with Marc will provide invaluable information about MAIC2020, so I urge everyone to tune in and engage with Marc. He’s such an inspiring and insightful speaker, and the information Marc will cover tonight will really get you pumped up for MAIC2020. You can CLICK HERE to register for Marc’s Zoom session tonight at 8:00pm EDT. You can also CLICK HERE to access Marc’s webinar on Facebook. 

Be sure to share this information with your team so everyone can capitalize on this important Zoom session with Marc Ashley. He’ll cover all aspects of MAIC2020 so don’t miss this crucial update tonight!!! If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your MAIC2020 tickets!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger