July 12th, 2017

Happy Birthday to my Daughter Amanda

They say daughters brighten your day and warm your heart – and that’s exactly what my daughter Amanda does for everyone in her life! Today is such a special day for our family as we celebrate Amanda’s birthday! You are without question one of the kindest and most selfless people I’ve ever known who always goes the extra mile for your friends and family. You are a tremendous source of positive energy and I hope today you experience the return of that love tenfold.

You make me so proud to be your father, with the tenacity, brilliance, sense of adventure, and genuine kindness you share with everyone you encounter, every day. You truly do brighten my day and warm my heart, and inspire me with everything you’re doing to change the landscape of the music industry with Conquer Entertainment. We all have dreams, but you inspire others to chase theirs – and that’s a very special talent to possess. I hope today is a special day for you because you are so special to me. Happy Birthday Amanda, I love you so much!

Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger


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