Happy Anniversary, My Love!

It is hard to believe that we have been together for over one quarter and of a century and still young! It has been an exciting journey and never a dull moment. We grow together rather than apart. I woke this AM disturbed because it is our anniversary and we are in the middle of solving a major problem for the company on Auctions sites and preventing MPCP manipulation and have the Executive Sales Team and UFO Marketing & SA Team coming in for Strategic planning summit for Market America & followed by events day after day. I said to Loren I can’t believe it’s our anniversary and we can’t do anything. She replied: “But at least we are together and our kids and grandkids are here” that is the most important thing and I love you more than ever. And Also the team is the rest of our family and are here and we are doing what we are passionate about together. I couldn’t respond because she is right and simply said: “thank you baby I love you more than ever too!” We are blessed with each other and an exciting turbulent journey and adventure called Life and the most important thing is we do it together with LOVE!