November 15th, 2017

Growing Globally: An Exciting Update from Mexico with Luzby Hernandez

One of the most exciting things for me is to see the global growth of the business that we started with humble beginnings over 25 years ago. We’ve had that kind of longevity and staying power because our plan simply works – and it resonates with entrepreneurs from all over the world. This week I received a fabulous update from our Director of Hispanic Development, Luzby Hernandez, who recently returned from a very productive trip to Mexico.

These events were so crucial for our teams in Mexico because they helped lay the foundation for continued growth and momentum as we build towards World Conference. I’ve included a great write up below from Luzby which outlines her trip to Mexico as well as the progress we are experiencing there. I love to see all the Belief and passion for the UnFranchise, and their commitment to building the business. In fact, during this trip Luzby issued a monthly challenge where 15 UFOs committed to sponsoring one new business partner and also bringing in four new customers.

Passion and belief are one thing but when you add accountability into the mix that’s when magic really happens – and I can’t wait to see what these teams do in the coming months. A special thank you to Luzby Hernandez for helping host these tremendous meetings and for inspiring a new wave of growth in Mexico!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Luzby Hernandez’s Mexico Update:

The trip was very productive!

I had a meeting with Nayeli Martinez, German and Rebeca and talked about the GMTSS in Mexico and worked on new strategies for success. I also had a coring with Liz Gil’s teams in her home, where we had about 15 UFO’s in attendance.  I talked with them about the importance of doing the basic fundamentals of the business to grow Mexico. The good news – they all have belief!  They all made the commitment to move forward focusing on selling the business and Market America products.

Eddy Sarit was also in Mexico supporting his team.  He had meetings in the area of Cocoyoc and Mexico City.  These events were a mix of trainings/meetings (Motives and Health and Nutrition) with about 20 guests in attendance. I supported one of his HBP meetings in the office (we had 6 guests in this meeting). I also met one of Eddy’s Health Coach & Chemist named Adimir.  Adimir has a network of 100,000 people and absolutely loves the TLS program!

I also had the opportunity to meet two of Liz’s new UFO’s of the B level prospects (Manuel and his brother).  They both work at a Gym.  Manuel is a Health Coach and is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

As for the events, on Friday November 10th we hosted a productive UBP through the GMTSS. Then on Saturday we held a fabulous Local Seminar with 69 tickets sold for this event. What’s even better is we’ve also sold 45 more tickets for the next event in March with Dr. Stan Pierce. Eddy Sarit took the initiative by purchased 15 tickets for the upcoming event. The Health Professionals were great at the seminar- lots of talent there.

Overall, I came back very excited and with great energy.  I see the teams excited and applying some action. I think the ticket sales for the next event proves that excitement.  We have created a monthly challenge (where UFOs will personally sponsor 1 person and bring in 4 new customers) to keep them motivated and on track for World Conference in February.  This is really going to help us keep the momentum going strong for the next 4 months.  

Thank you.

Luzby Hernández


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  1. nick cortes says:

    muchos saludos an exito en mexico amigos aun se sigue el progreso con la esperansa y entuciasmo en el negocio muy pronto nos veremos por esas aras muchos saludos de su amigo y servidor nick cortes

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