Groundbreaking GMTSS Meeting in NYC

We had another Magic Moment in NYC this week at the NMTSS Summit to “reboot” and restructure the NMTSS returning to the principles that grew it and made it work. It is all new and no longer the NMTSS but the new GMTSS (GLOBAL MEETING, TRAINING SEMINAR SYSTEM).  Not everyone could attend because of short notice, but those that did come together created a magic moment. I want to thank those who made it to NYC and helped make this happen. We took the handcuffs off and eliminated all of the obstacles, barriers, or excuses.

There is a new plan to grow it in every region.  It starts with building the business with one on one’s, into HBP’s into UBP’s into CORINGS into LOCALS into DISTRICTS into REGIONALS into the NATIONAL EVENTS. Everyone is on board and it is self-financing and liquidating and takes care of the coordinators and speakers fairly and eliminates much paper work and red tape. The abusive practices that caused the shift away from the way it was in the old days are less important than growing it and everyone agreed to be the GMTSS Structure Committee that will hold each other accountable to do it right and to always put RULE #1 first: It is about building the business and the MONEY is in the plan (MPCP) not the meetings or speaking.

That is the only reason we do it and what it is about but we compensate the QUALIFIED speakers and Coordinators fairly and all agreed on how to do that and the numbers. But it is not done at anyone’s expense, we reciprocate and cover the cost and take care of the speakers and coordinators and local councils fairly according to an agreed upon formula and everyone agrees that it is great!

The focus is on growth and building the system up, cross pollination, and expanding into new areas of activity and growth. We will be looking to set up more UBP’s and LOCALS and making Locals closer to people’s groups with more of them building into a District. We are looking for local coordinators and people who wants to join the new GMTSS. It is brand new, fresh, a new start and team, and everyone is on board in agreement and excited. I have not seen this energy or enthusiasm in over 10 years. It was a magic moment.

There will be a reception at International Convention on Wednesday before Presidents Challenge reception for everyone invited to participate, a presentation during the General Session at #MAIC2016 on how it works and how to set up a local, and on Sunday around 2 for those who want to stay, Regional round tables to plan out their meeting systems, growth goals, and schedule. This is a new beginning and magic moment where we all will be building from event to event! Back to the things that made it great and it is the new GMTSS (GLOBAL MEETING AND TRAINING SMINAR SYSTEM)! If you want to join the wave in your area or region contact one of the people you know that were at the Summit, a Regional GMTSS Coordinator, or a Member of the corporate team.  Let’s JUST DO IT!

I’ve included some great pictures from the event below, along with some messages from those who attended. Overall it was a magical experience for all of us!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


An honor to be part of our GMTSS. Yes, this is just the beginning…here we gooooo!!!! J Our futures together as a Global family have never been brighter. Thank you JR, Loren Phil, Jim, Kevin and Andrew for all you do and do and do!!

Love you all 

-Bonnie Philo



You are no longer a member of the NMTSS. You are now a member of the GMTSS. We dropped the word National and replaced with the work Global. It’s now the Global Meeting Training and Seminar System.

There are no more payments due to the Regional Fund. New EFR’s will be sent out soon. Look for an email with an explanation of how we have restricted the GMTSS.

-Phil Guido


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