April 11th, 2017

The Future is Bright: Building Momentum with the GMTSS in Puebla, Mexico

Dennis Franks has been working hand in hand with our UFO family in Puebla, Mexico – and his recent update has me very excited for what the future holds for this team. Not only have they just held their first official UBP at the Puebla Chamber of Commerce, but the team is committed to running regular UBPs starting next month. It’s so exciting to see UnFranchise Owners who understand the importance of the GMTSS and know how to build with it.

When you follow the Basic 5 and utilize the GMTSS you have no choice but to grow! Have a look below at this excellent update from Dennis, as he discusses the incredible momentum being generated in Puebla right now. Congratulations to Najeli Martinez, Marisela Marin, and all our field leaders who are blazing trails of entrepreneurial success with the UnFranchise in Mexico and inspiring the next wave of UFOs! As you can see the future is very bright!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Dennis Franks Puebla Update:

We have a team of 5 UFOs committed to running regular UBPs starting in May. They have committed financially and physically to build. Our first official UBP was held at the Puebla Chamber of commerce and was attended by 34 people – of which 14 were guests. Total win. There was a special recognition of two Executive Coordinators, Najeli Martinez and Marisela Marin, who have cycled multiple times and are so close to hitting Master Coordinator and will then jump to Senior Masters. Two very solid UFO leaders. To keep the momentum going, we booked 9 follow up meetings. The group picture of 7 shows the members of this committed UBP team. The breakthrough here is we have a team of dedicated UFOs who understand the importance of the GMTSS!

-Dennis Franks


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