For the First Time Ever: General Public Can Now Purchase MAIC2022 Tickets on SHOP.COM

We’re pulling out all the stops for the upcoming 2022 Market America International Convention! This event will transcend the concept of a mere business event and will be a spectacular celebration of 30 years of empowering entrepreneurs with star power and special performances you won’t want to miss. We wanted to do something special for our 30th anniversary celebration at MAIC2022 and decided to open our doors to the general public in a unique way by selling International Convention tickets directly on SHOP.COM.

By selling MAIC2022 tickets on SHOP.COM we’re giving the general public a simple way to experience the event and see what all the excitement and hype is about – and with the star power we have on tap for International Convention, we know it will be an experience unlike any other and a tremendous introduction to our business and the people who make it so special.

We still want UFOs to serve as the ticket hub for their teams and prospects – this promotion is geared specifically for the general public with no previous connection to our business or UFOs. Obviously, the last thing we want to do is undermine the growth and success of our UFOs, so simply think of this promotion as a new way to expand our horizons and broaden our approach as we continue to share our life-changing business with the world. This also represents a great opportunity to network and meet new people who are entrepreneurially inclined!

For the general public, please CLICK HERE to visit SHOP.COM and score your tickets to this once in a lifetime experience. The 2022 Market America International Convention represents the evolution of our company and serves as the perfect way to learn more about what we do! MAIC2022 will be a celebration of success unlike any other, and the opportunity of a lifetime – so don’t miss out!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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