Do This ASAP: Link Your MAIC2020 Tickets with Email

Team, we need your help to ensure everyone is able to capitalize on MAIC2020 by making sure you’ve linked your ticket with your email address. This will need to be done for every ticket – as each ticket only works in conjunction with one email address. As a result, everyone will have a personalized agenda! 

MAIC2020 will be here before you know it, and it’s absolutely critical that you get this all set up now – that way you can ensure you’re not missing anything important! We’re sending daily emails and SMS texts to remind everyone to link their tickets & email addresses – but I wanted to drive the point home even further since it’s of the utmost importance for anyone joining us for MAIC2020. 

I’ve included below a great message from Dennis Franks which provides additional info and explains why this is so important. We still have around 4,000 tickets which need to be linked to an email address for the Zoom sessions, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get this done! We are using cutting edge technology with this event so it’s wise to give yourself some time to overcome any unforeseen technology hurdles you may encounter, so do this ASAP…

Special Message from Dennis Franks:

I your help and I need you to communicate through your ranks. We have International Convention tickets that have been sold to UFOs who have yet to be assigned to a teammate or prospect through the online process. It is so important that this process is completed as soon as possible so that we (Market America) can communicate directly to the ticket holder, the link that will get them into the event. This needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent any delays to attending the event. The process is fairly simple, just assign the ticket to the person buying the ticket or being gifted too, by matching a ticket number to their email address. Once you do that an email will be sent to the person you assigned the ticket too and they must click on the invite to confirm that it is the correct email. At that point MA will send them the link prior to the event. I appreciate your assistance on this. As you all know, when it comes to communicating to the field, in addition to the multiple communications the company sends out, our field leaders are essential to ensure that information is communicated at the ground level. It is together we will accomplish more. Thanks in advance.