Day One of #MAIC2021: An Incredible Start & The Best is Yet to Come

Day One of the 2021 Market America International Convention was an excellent way to start off an action packed event filled with empowering segments and learning opportunities all designed to help you take your business to the next level.

As always Loren got the show started with an unforgettable speech from the heart that inspired everyone. Loren really nailed it when she said our business has thrived for so long because it resonates with everyone interested in starting their entrepreneurial journey. That’s really what we’re all about – providing people with the means to pursue a better life. All it takes is desire, the right system, and great products…

Fortunately, Marc had that covered today with some excellent information about new products which are in demand and ready to boost your business. It’s always exciting to see what Marc comes up with because he’s so dedicated – he literally wakes up at 4am everyday thinking about different ways to improve the business and make success even more attainable for UnFranchise owners around the world. We’re extremely fortunate to have his leadership, and it was so exciting to see him speak today. He’s got even more to share tomorrow!

I also loved the panel discussion with Don Martin & Co. as they shared different insights, experiences, and tips to help people share this life-changing business in a natural, effective, and authentic way. My hat goes off to this panel because you spoke from the heart and really imparted some excellent information on the crowd today. The different ways everyone approaches business building and the different nuances and experiences which have helped them along the way were so great to hear because it helps new people get over that initial hump and apprehension we sometimes feel when starting out and sharing the business with new people.

As always, Dr. Dee dropped knowledge like no other and really helped explain some of the key concepts and science behind our products. She does an amazing job helping us all understand what sets our products apart, and more importantly, how they benefit our customers.

Shout out to Andrew Weissman, Jim Winkler, Dennis Franks, and Kevin Buckman who always make their presence felt and help keep the energy high and the show moving along! Day One was filled with too many highlights to mention but this video does a great job representing what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see you on Day Two as we kick it all up a notch!!! Let’s do this!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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