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April 16th, 2012

Conquer CAD Trainings at this year’s Regionals

With 2012 in full swing and our playbook in order, we are heading into our schedule of spring regional conventions across the country – and I will be with you at every one of them.  We have set out to make it even easier for you to engage your Gen-Y prospects (one of the three plays) because this spring, we are bringing Conquer Entertainment to you at Regionals!


Until now the only way you could attend or learn about Conquer was to be at our World Conference or International Convention -and many of you did attend and brought your prospects. During these events we were asked these questions many times: “When and where will the next Conquer CAD training be? When is Conquer coming to our area?”


Well, I have great news for you! I am happy to announce that Conquer Entertainment will be hosting CAD Trainings at all 3 spring Regionals – and if you do your part we will continue to provide these trainings at our Fall Regionals as well!


There has never been an easier way to engage your Gen-Y prospects than with music. Whether it’s to diversify your sponsoring or you are personally looking to leverage the massive fan base of an artist you love, becoming certified with Conquer can open up a world of opportunities.  At a Cost of $50 for a two day training – WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BECOME CERTIFIED?


Register today at under Conquer Entertainment (CAD), and remember – seating is limited to the first 50 people so you better hurry! Following the University Concept, it’s smartest to get two “stars” in each University Major  in each of your two partner organizations – as it allows you to access people that you never would have without that “Major” or division of the business.


This is the time to do it because Conquer 3.0 will be going live this year and you need to have your CAD’s in place to benefit when it takes off. So why not follow this best practice for success in the MPCP and MA University and get two Conquer Majors or CADs in each organization?


“The Difference between failure and success is the person who succeeded simply did what the person who failed did not or was unwilling to do.” What will you do for your Unfranchise Business?


Keep Growing

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