January 31st, 2018

Chairman’s Challenge Winners – #MAWC2018

Tonight we kicked off the 2018 Market America World Conference with a very special celebration of success with our Chairman’s Challenge Winners. These challenge winners are the personification of success and determination and I am so proud of everything they’ve accomplished. These entrepreneurs set goals and exceeded them by leveraging the UnFranchise and in the process they’ve set a great example for everyone to follow If you want to stand on stage with these Challenge Winners, then use what you learn here this week and apply it to your business. We provide the roadmap to success but eventually you have to take the wheel for yourself just like these challenge winners have done! Congratulations!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Chairman’s Challenge Winners

  • Tiong Gee Chia & Chew Mui Ling
  • Souzan Davood
  • Kuo Chiao En
  • Dawn Florio
  • Chenxi Gao & Shuhua Yao
  • David Chew Beng Hwa
  • Ying Li
  • Jiang Lin & Joanna Chen-Lin
  • Lindsay & Tuan Pham
  • Marcus Schaech
  • Hui Juan Weng
  • Belinda Xu & Terry Lee
  • Ding Yu


Motives Challenge Winners

  • Janine Amato
  • Annaliese Ciccarelli Nagel
  • Maleeva Epperson
  • Bianca Joaquim
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Emily Mahan
  • Rebecca Mousley
  • Lynda Nguyen (“Win”)
  • Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Lindsay Pham
  • Leigh Raeder
  • Pauline Riley
  • Carrie Smith
  • Shelley Smith
  • Amele Tarakinikini
  • Andreea Thompson
  • Atha White
  • Monina Wright
  • Shirley Yiu
  • Tony Yiu & Yisi Lu
  • Ke Zhu




  • Grace Batak
  • Stacey Beverluis
  • Joyce Hung
  • Rui Lui
  • Wanzhu Mu
  • Sosan Hua
  • Shiqui Wang



Conquer Challenge Winners

  • Rachel Lee-Carey
  • Tony and Michele Molinaro
  • Melanie Romero
  • Dennis Sheperd


nutraMetrix Challenge Winners

  • Lisa Hones
  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Catherine Longo
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Melanie Nelson
  • Junhua Reitman
  • Tina Rose


WebCenters Challenge Winners

  • Wei-Ling Chang
  • Kurt Chen
  • Rosa Cheng
  • Yi-Ting Cheng
  • Debby Chung
  • Jiancong Fu
  • Rong-Jin Jin
  • Semerah Killingbeck
  • Ka Man Lau
  • Chwen Lim
  • Jimmy Peng
  • Heidi Ripplinger
  • Rikki Schneider
  • Maggie Po Ling Su
  • Lee Ming Yu
  • Michael Zupp

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2 Responses to Chairman’s Challenge Winners – #MAWC2018

  1. Catalina says:

    Congratulations to all the challenge winners!

  2. erica says:

    so proud of my team winning the web solutions challenge!

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