Celebrating in Style: Art Basel 2016

Art Basel is always such a fun week for Loren and I because it’s a chance to see some great friends and celebrate amazing art. This year we hosted a huge party with SHOP.COM and DNA Atelier as we showcased some fabulous artwork from CJ Hendry. This was our best Art Basel event yet and a marvelous branding opportunity for SHOP.COM and Market America as event sponsors. I’ve included below a few videos from the event along with photos that capture the essence of Art Basel. Great times, great people, and great art. So glad to be a part of this incredible celebration in Miami, thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special event!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



What an incredible night! #artbasel #artbaselmiami #artbasel2016 @shopcomdeals

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Great times with great people! #artbasel #artbaselmiami #artbasel2016 @shopcomdeals

A video posted by JR Ridinger (@jrridinger) on

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