August 8th, 2018

Celebrating our #MAIC2018 Chairman’s Challenge Winners

Tonight was such a special night for our UnFranchise family as we came together to celebrate those who are leading the way and serving as a beacon light for other entrepreneurs to follow. Our Chairman’s Challenge Reception was an incredible opportunity for us to share inspirational stories and to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments and achievements of these UnFranchise Leaders.

I always love this reception because it helps set the tone for the entire weekend – it reinforces belief in the power of our business when you see so many people who’ve made it happen with the UnFranchise! It should be a goal of each and every UnFranchise Owner to stand on this stage as a challenge winner – because if you’re here you’re most assuredly on the path to success! Another reason this event is so powerful is that it strengthens our bonds and connections with one another – and that’s what really makes the UnFranchise so much more than a business.

Congratulations to all our #MAIC2018 Chairman’s Challenge Winners! Thank you for your dedication, your belief, and the incredible example you set for other UnFranchise Owners to follow. You are the People behind our People Power, and I feel so blessed to be in business with such brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Chairman’s Challenge Winners:

  • Yang Bai Bai
  • Siew Wang Chong
  • Tong (Sunny) Cui
  • Zhenqiang Dong
  • Dawn Florio
  • Chenxi Gao & Shuhua Yao
  • David Tiong Gee & Mui Ling Chew
  • Yau Hui Kao
  • Miao Miao Kang
  • Xin Hua Liang & Jie Ling Tan
  • Keng Liu
  • Mike Clark Maeshiro
  • Shyang Peng
  • Marcus Schaech
  • Trina Tan
  • Meng Huang Tsai & Mei Yu Huang
  • Lai Keng Tung
  • Hui Jian Weng
  • Han Chang Wu
  • Chingmei Lucia Wu


Motives Challenge Winners:

  • Aleksandra Cummings
  • Yixuan Ji
  • Xavier Huang
  • Tsai Bei Lun
  • Shi-His Tsai
  • Lin Yi Fan
  • Ping-Jui Hsieh
  • Chang Chiung Yun
  • Cecilia Chang
  • Shao-Ming Wang & Ya-Chi Hsu
  • Renee Chang
  • Cheng Yansen
  • Landy Landy
  • Diana Huang
  • Ya-Hui Kao
  • Marielle Balingit
  • Mei-Fen Chien
  • Ting Li-Ching & Chen Chien-Chun
  • Shiqi Wang
  • Wu Ching-Mei
  • Theresa Chen
  • Toby Wong
  • Leigh Raeder
  • Lynda Nguyen
  • Janine Amato
  • Maleeva Epperson
  • Kathy Brophy
  • Ruth Schadler
  • Grace Hartley
  • Sheri Farmer
  • Wee Ying Lee


TLS Challenge Winners:

  • Jenny Fan
  • Kim Fenter
  • Bonnie & Stephen Hunter


nutraMetrix Challenge Winners:

  • Teresa Tilley
  • Catherine Longo
  • Tina Rose
  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Laura Bateman
  • Lynn Briand
  • Sharon Lawrence
  • Kim Fenter
  • Kathleen Bair
  • Lauren Donovan


WebCenters Challenge Winners:

  • Semerah Killingbeck
  • Stephen Tang
  • Verna Tay
  • Allen Lenworth
  • Michael Zupp
  • Chun-Chuan Yang
  • Hanson Wu
  • Yu-Chen Lin
  • Bale Lin
  • Shun-Yi Chiu
  • Johnny Ji
  • Ming-Huang Hsu
  • Amy Wu
  • Shu-Yunn Lin


Conquer Challenge Winners:

  • Dawn Florio
  • Melanie Romero
  • Michele and Tony Molinaro
  • Joel Zandrowicz
  • Eddie Sarit
  • Dennis Sheperd
  • Shana Webb
  • Wei Wei Ning




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