March 8th, 2017

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is a very special day around the globe as we celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize the immeasurable impact women have on the world and the importance of the women’s rights movement. As I ponder the meaning behind this day I can’t help but think about three amazing women in my life who never cease to amaze and inspire me as they shape our world with their words and actions.

To my wife Loren. You are so much more than my better half – you are an amazing mother, a staggeringly brilliant marketer, and passionate leader who never stops fighting for what she believes in. You not only inspire me to be a better person, but you inspire people all over the world to fearlessly chase their dreams and believe in themselves. It’s one thing to show people how to fly but it’s another to give them wings of their own – but that’s exactly what you do. You are living proof that anything the mind can conceive it can achieve because you always have a plan and make it come alive. You move mountains and make it seem easy – you are Wonder Woman! You are My WHY!

To my daughters Amber and Amanda. You fill my world with joy and remind me that no matter how crazy the world seems I know that the next generation has a great chance with you leading the way. You are both amazing entrepreneurs in your own right but what really makes me proud is your passion for helping others and for doing the right thing. You both can be anything you want and achieve any goal you can dream. Never stop believing in yourself or your ability to build a better world.

It’s nearly impossible for me to reflect on the impact of women without thinking of my own mother as well, and even though she’s no longer with us I know she’s smiling down – proud of her family as well as the progress that’s been made. We still have a long way to go before we reach true gender equality and I support everyone working hard to make an impact and level the playing field. I leave you all with a final thought – a video actually, of Loren’s captivating speech from last month’s World Conference where she spoke to over 20,000 entrepreneurs. Powerful words to remember as we celebrate International Women’s Day!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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