Capitalize on Two Powerhouse UBPs

Tonight is a huge opportunity for UnFranchise Owners as we’re hosting two powerful UBPs this evening – including one in Spanish! Leading off the night will be Cullen and Trinity Haskins – recent winners of the Tony & Pam Bowling Awards from MAIC2020. Dennis Franks will also be part of this important Zoom session as well! CLICK HERE to register for tonight’s UBP with Cullen and Trinity Haskins!

This is an excellent opportunity to build with the best in the business and I urge everyone to leverage their UBP and get their prospective partners to tune in. It’s all about making the most of the opportunities presented to you – and the chance to build your business with Cullen and Trinity is too good to pass up! 

Following their UBP, Luzby Hernandez, our Director of Hispanic Development, will host a second UBP in Spanish – providing our Spanish-speaking UFOs and their prospects with another key Zoom webinar to leverage. CLICK HERE to register for our Spanish UBP tonight with Luzby Hernandez!

These are two important learning opportunities everyone should leverage tonight! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger