January 15th, 2017

A Busy Week in Miami with GMTSS and Shopping Annuity Summits

This past week was amazingly productive for our team as we hosted two tremendous summits at our home in Miami. World Conference is less than a month away and right now our executive team and field leaders just wrapped up an amazing week of teaching, brainstorming, collaborating, and strategizing as we met for two very important summits – the GMTSS Summit and our Shopping Annuity Summit.

The GMTSS is the core of the business and one of our greatest tools and assets, so this weeks’ GMTSS Summit was immensely important for us. This week we focused on fundamentals that allow you to tap into the power of the GMTSS and ABC pattern while helping you build simultaneously in multiple locations with cross pollination and working combinations.

We all understand that it’s hard to be everywhere your business is growing, that’s why MeetON can play such an important role for you by allowing you to broadcast your events like HBPs and UBPs and keep your team connected and on track. It makes working in multiple markets much easier and while making it possible to stream your corings to the people who need to see them.

Another key component of your success with this is setting goals and keeping track of where you are. Benchmark your progress and keep score so you know how well you’re doing! Remember, it’s all about completing result-producing activities and meeting your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. When you break it down into steps it all becomes much more manageable and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the GMTSS helps you flourish! The money is in the plan – not the meetings!

The GMTSS is so intertwined with your success you simply can’t be a leader if you’re not part of this system! It’s the perfect catalyst for explosive cross-pollination that helps you expand and strengthen your business like nothing else. Of course, the shopping annuity and GMTSS work in harmony to provide the foundation for success with the UnFranchise, so we also hosted some excellent Shopping Annuity meetings with our SA Master Members later in the week.

Our Shopping Annuity Summit was also excellent with some key insights and tools discussed – including a host of new Curalate tools that will supercharge our social shopping initiatives. We are constantly innovating and developing new ways to help everyone leverage their spending into earning, and this weeks’ summit with our Shopping Annuity Master Members is going to have a profound effect and help success reverberate and duplicate within the field.

These are very exciting times for UnFranchise Owners – and if you want to capitalize on the things we discussed this week then you need to make plans now to attend our upcoming World Conference. Successful UnFranchise Owners will tell you it’s the only shortcut to success – and that evident by the common thread we see with all successful entrepreneurs in that they are also regular attendees of World Conference and International Convention.

Come to our upcoming World Conference and you’ll have an inside track on success in 2017! Being here with your team is the only shortcut to success because it condenses so much learning into a few days that you have no choice but to grow! The bottom line is we have to work together for everything to come together. We’ll see YOU in Miami, but in the meantime enjoy the pics from this weeks’ summits.

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger





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