June 28th, 2019

Business Building: GMTSS Events (6/28 – 7/4)

The GMTSS provides everyone with numerous opportunities to learn and grow each week with powerful events for UnFranchise Owners and your prospective business partners. Below you’ll find a great list of GMTSS events during the next week which everyone should utilize to help their business grow as we race towards MAIC2019!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger  

Meeting IDMeeting TypeDateCityStateLanguagesSpeakerHost Name
#233122New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)06/29/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmWillisTXEnglish FRANOVICH & CASEY, NICK & QUIMBY Jeff Colvin
#230490New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)06/29/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmMountain ViewCAEnglish CHIOU, VICTOR J & ALICE Alice Chiou
#230081Motives 1 to 1 Training06/29/2019Saturday 09:00am – 02:00ampheonixAZEnglish ROSSER, MARTHA Trina Maduro
#228155Local Seminar06/29/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmHopkinsMNEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J Zach Enrico
#227020Local Seminar06/29/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmManchesterNHEnglish YENTSCH, ALAN & DEBRA Wendy & Joe Moquin
#230610Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)06/29/2019Saturday 09:30am – 05:00pmSanfordFLEnglish MOREHEAD, REBECCA & STEVE Rebecca Morehead
#230402General Product Training (GPT)06/29/2019 – 06/29/2019Saturday 09:30am – 12:30pmBronxNYEnglish MILLER-IHLI, NANCY J & KEVIN D Jack Hammel
#229764Local Seminar06/29/2019Saturday 09:30am – 04:30pmRentonWAEnglish STACK & PELLICIER, RYAN P & SARAH ROSE Jamey Sing
#229665Local Seminar06/29/2019Saturday 09:30am – 02:30pmClackamasOREnglish FRANOVICH & CASEY, NICK & QUIMBY Jorji Jett
#229193Local Seminar06/29/2019Saturday 09:30am – 04:00pmSalisburyMDEnglish WHITE, DR. TERRY Bonnie Miller Gallagher
#227389Basic Five (B5)06/29/2019Saturday 10:00am – 02:00pmMONTEREY PARKCAMandarin HE, PING PING HE
#230491Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)06/29/2019Saturday 01:30pm – 07:00pmMountain ViewCAEnglish CHIOU, ALICE & VICTOR Alice Chiou
#230082Skincare: 1 to 1 Training (Motives)06/29/2019Saturday 02:30pm – 06:30pmpheonixAZEnglish ROSSER, MARTHA Trina Maduro
#228797UBP Meeting06/29/2019Saturday 07:00pm – 08:30pmHONOLULUHIEnglish KANESHIRO, DANIEL (UBP SPEAKER) Daniel Kaneshiro
#230083Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty Training 06/30/2019Sunday 09:00am – 02:00pmpheonixAZEnglish ROSSER, MARTHA trina maduro
#229809Motives 1 to 1 Training06/30/2019Sunday 09:00am – 01:30pmClackamasOREnglish CASEY, QUIMBY Jorji Jett
#229604Local Seminar06/30/2019Sunday 09:00am – 03:30pmFlushingNYEnglish BUCKMAN, KEVIN Amber Yang
#233611Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)06/30/2019Sunday 12:30pm – 06:30pmRIVER VALENJEnglish KU, BEVERLY BEVERLY KU
#229810Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty Training 06/30/2019Sunday 02:30pm – 07:30pmClackamasOREnglish CASEY, QUIMBY Jorji Jett
#231133Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty Training 07/01/2019Monday 10:00am – 02:30pmKellerTXEnglish ZHU, KE Ke Zhu
#229187UBP Meeting07/01/2019Monday 07:30pm – 08:30pmSalisburyMDEnglish To Be Determined Bonnie Miller Gallagher
#233313UBP Meeting07/02/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmSchaumburgILEnglish To Be Determined Claudia Steuart
#232116UBP Meeting07/02/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmPittsfordNYEnglish KIMBALL, RYAN (UBP Speaker) Adam C Cormack
#233363UBP Meeting07/03/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmFlushingNYMandarin YANG, AMBER Tom Lin
#232462UBP Meeting07/04/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:30pmking of prussiaPAEnglish To Be Determined Jennifer Le Sueur


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