Building Momentum: An Inspirational Update with Melissa Mistler-Yates

Team, I just received a tremendous update from Elizabeth Weber which put a smile on my face – and I’d like to share it with you now in the hopes it will inspire and motivate you as well! It’s a testament to the power of the plan and shows what happens when you follow the system and believe in yourself! Elizabeth shared a powerful message from Melissa Mistler-Yates in Arlene’s Lowy group, who’s spent a lot of time on Zoom calls – putting in the effort to learn and grow.

I’m so happy for this team and excited to see their progress & what they continue to accomplish together! She even mentions the new UnFranchise Marketing App – what a game-changer! I love seeing UFOs utilize tools like Zoom to keep their business moving in the right direction! A special congratulations to Teri Hargrove Alison as well! Here’s Melissa’s message…

It’s all so exciting.  We are following Elizabeth Weber-Walliser’s system from MAIC2020.  Elizabeth allowed us to pop on to Pam and Grace’s calls.  Then Arlene Lowy and Barb Boldt have been taking calls on our team all week.  This week Teri Hargrove Alison has reached 5/5 – to be Executive Coordinator in 2 weeks.  Her customer Carol – has 6 in the trial run – and Carol registered her business today.  That’s just one of many examples of what is happening right now!!! SO AMAZING.  On calls all day – then got off the call to register the next person – and sending follow ups now. The only “new” part is adding the trial size marketing from the APP that was just released.  WAY TO GO Teri!!!!