April 30th, 2017

GMTSS: Building with Jim Winkler in Las Vegas

It’s been an amazing week of global events, from our conventions in Singapore and Taiwan, to Jim Winkler’s fabulous events in Las Vegas! Normally what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but fortunately Jim was on hand to send us a great update on what’s been happening there, and I must say it’s really exciting to see all the growth in this area. Below you’ll find Jim’s update along with some pictures they took this week as they worked together with local leaders to build out a UBP schedule for the rest of the year. It’s all about leveraging our one of a kind GMTSS system to really capitalize on the opportunities for growth in your area – and it’s great to see that happening in Las Vegas. Then again with tremendous field leaders like Jim Winkler on hand, you know these teams are in for a real boost!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Update from Jim Winkler in Las Vegas:


Hi Team.

I just completed two days in Las Vegas with an excited group of UnFranchise owners.  Monday night we had an organizational meeting for the GMTSS in the area and had about 30 people who attended.  We set up our new English and Chinese UBP’s and have two new UBP coordinators, Kathy Boyd and Helen Chen.  We will have one English UBP per month and one Chinese UBP per month and are scheduling them for the entire year.  So exciting to see the two teams making commitments to support each other and help the area grow. 

Tuesday night we have our first English UBP and had almost 50 people in attendance with 14 guests.  The excitement was contagious.  Look at some of the pictures after the meeting and how many meetings after the meeting we had going on.  Our teammates are so appreciative to have support and to have a system in place to grow with.  This is what the GMTSS is all about and every area and leader should look to see where they can expand and support new areas of growth.  The goal is to have Las Vegas with a Local Seminar by the fall.  With this dedicated team I know we can do it. 


Jim Winkler

Vice President of Sales

Market America, Inc.



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