April 3rd, 2017

Building with the Best: UBP in London

Loren and I have had a fabulous time here this weekend in London as we hosted some great meetings with our team at our flat in Mayfair. We’ve spent some quality time with our Market UK pioneers as we plan and strategize new ways to boost their businesses here in the United Kingdom. We are setting the pace and moving forward by leveraging the Shopping Annuity and the ABC pattern with these fabulous entrepreneurs. These are the key fundamentals of our business and we’ve proven time and time again just how critical they are to your success!

UBPs are also a major building block of our success – and coming up later this week Loren, Andrew Weissman, and I will host a tremendous UnFranchise Business Presentation on Thursday evening, April 6th at the Market UK Meeting and Training Centre, 5 Cranmer Rd, London SW9 6EJ.

Attending this UBP with us is a simple way to supercharge your UnFranchise and gain the knowledge, momentum, and inspiration you need to lead the way and help set the pace for Market United Kingdom! This crucial UBP will take place between 7:30PM and 9PM and we strongly suggest you arrive early as we anticipate a large crowd for this event.

Bring your guests and learn from the best as we provide a complete overview of the UnFranchise Business and the Shopping Annuity. Share this with your contacts in the UK and make the most of this excellent opportunity to cross-pollinate! Check the GMTSS schedule in your back office, or contact the
nearest UnFranchise Business Presentation Coordinator for more information. Just do it!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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