May 22nd, 2019

All In: Special Training Sessions with Elizabeth Weber’s Team

Yesterday was so exciting for me, as I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Weber and her All In team at a special training which served a s a reunion or follow up to our previous meetings. 2019 has already been an incredible year of international events and global growth, and we’re taking that to another level with these training sessions! Last winter we hosted some crucial meetings with field leaders on Utopia IV to help refine the strategies and execution which leads to success for all UnFranchise Owners – and this May we’re following up with another important round of training. 

Yesterday’s powerful meeting helped serve as an accountability check-in and follow-up with the original graduates of our winter training sessions on U4. Ongoing support and continuing education are a major part of achieving organizational success, so this training is particularly important in terms of maintaining our already tremendous momentum. This was a great opportunity for UFOs to learn from the best and continue their evolution as entrepreneurs and business leaders. These events are so crucial because they allow us to work with the UnFranchise Owners who are in the trenches, building the business everyday around the globe!

Posted by Elizabeth Weber-Walliser on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

It’s about reaching goals, galvanizing our growth and inspiring new waves of success. The UnFranchise is exploding on a global scale thanks to determined UnFranchise Leaders just like this team. This session was a huge success and a great opportunity to share the tips and insights which lead to massive success!!!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger   


Below I’ve included Elizabeth’s thoughts from this special training session. Everyone who came seemed to have epiphanies and left ready to start the process of people leading to people and the geese procession!!!

Special Message from Elizabeth Weber:

What an eye-opening experience for all the UFO’s that were in attendance these past two days!  They really got everything; the ins and outs of the business, the psychology behind what we do and why we do it. It was priceless and really hit home with everyone. JR performed brain surgery and everyone went away with a new one. I could see all the “ah ha” moments as they were happening.  Truly a gift.  I love this company because they really care about the people and their individual success. We went back to the way we built the company in the beginning and got everyone on the same page.  I am so proud of these UFO’s and cannot wait to see them grow!  Thank you, JR, Loren, and Andrew, for your unwavering commitment and dedication to all UFO’s. We love you!

-Elizabeth Weber

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