Behind the Scenes at #MAIC2018: Load-In Process with Ashley Events

When you’re here in person at the 2018 International Convention later this week – you’ll see an incredible stage set-up with lights, lasers, and pyrotechnics unlike any other “business” event you’ll ever attend. International Convention is so much more than a crucial learning experience for UnFranchise Owners, it’s a massive local event which boosts the Greensboro economy by around $20 million. That’s the kind of impact our collective buying power has in just one long weekend – imaging what happens when we apply that year-round!

It’s amazing to see over 20,000 entrepreneurs come together to learn and grow at International Convention. Such a grand event deserves a top-notch production company, that’s why we always turn to Howard Spector, John Rusignuolo and the all-star crew at Ashley Events to help us put together International Convention and World Conference. I’ve always felt that to be the best you have to work with the best and surround yourself with great people – that’s why we rely on Ashley Events for our most important events.

A special thanks to Howard, Johnny, the Ashley Events team, and the Market America Events team for all that you do to make these events so impactful and powerful for UnFranchise Owners. I know many of your efforts are often overlooked as most people in attendance don’t see all the hard work you do behind the scenes setting up the stage and running the production. You are unsung heroes and the best in the business and we thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! Wishing everyone a great week – teamwork makes the dream work!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger