October 25th, 2013

Announcing the Global Unification & Cross Pollination Strategy Contest and a UGC/IRC Challenge


We’re entering one of the most exciting and important eras in the history of this company, and to make Global Unification the kind of success I know it can be, I want the gears in everyone’s minds to start turning to make it happen. To that end, I’m not only issuing a contest that will ensure that this initiative begins with the right footing, but a personal challenge to the entire field as well. Both come with rewards that could mean so much for your businesses in the end.

Global Unification & Cross Pollination Strategy Contest

First, the contest. The goal is to create a strategy for building your business in Europe. Now, there’s a little more involved and I’m going to explain further, but that is what this is about in a nutshell. Any Independent Distributor, new or experienced, can achieve this and it’s really something everyone in this business should be doing anyway.

Every UnFranchise® Owner is eligible to enter, though this contest doesn’t just involve you as an individual. It requires you to engage your entire Global Strategy Team. Here’s what you’ll need to do to enter:

  • Submit a graphic organizational chart indicating your personal Business Development Centers (BDCs), as well as which side of each BDC you consider to be the strong or weak side.
  • Indicate the placement of your International Re-Entry Center (IRC), and the IRC placements of others in your organization with whom you are working. This can be a PowerPoint slide, a Word document, a graphic document, or even a hand-written or hand-drawn chart, as long as it illustrates your organization and goals in a clear, coherent way.
  • Identify individuals in your upline with whom you have discussed your Global Strategy. In your graphic chart, show the placement of their IRC (if placed under you). If they are not placing an IRC under you, explain how they will be supporting your efforts.
  • Submit your cross-pollination strategic plan with a thorough explanation of the strategy. Note: Do not just strategize with Independent Distributors on the leg where your IRC is placed. Identify Independent Distributors in your other legs who are placing IRCs that may produce Global BV to your Universal Global Center (UGC).
  • Entries must be received by Friday, November 29. The contest ends Friday, January 4. Report your results by Thursday, January 10 and include the following:
    • Leads: Report the number of leads generated during the contest period by you and your Global Team.
    • Contacts: Report the number of leads who were contacted (phone, Skype, email, Facebook, etc.) during the contest period by you and your Global Strategy Team.
    • Appointments: Report the number of appointments booked to show the business during the contest period by you and your Global Strategy Team.
    • New Distributors sponsored: Report the number of new Independent Distributors sponsored during the contest period by your Global Strategy Team (with Distributor ID numbers). Include a separate list of Distributors that you personally sponsored.
    • Social media: Describe social media tactics used for team communication, recruiting and cross-pollination. Include Facebook pages or other examples.
    • Registered Preferred Customers (PCs): Report the number of PCs registered in the new country. How many PCs did YOU register? How many did your TEAM register?
    • New Global Distributor progress: Help your new personally sponsored Global Independent Distributors to develop leads in your home country and indicate how many leads you have developed in your home country (the Americas) by working with them. Indicate how many home country leads (in the Americas) were developed by ALL of the new Independent Global Distributors Sponsored by your team.
    • Write a summary: Explain how you successfully implemented your Global Strategy, including examples of how you and your Global Team generated leads, what tools you used, and how you networked and cross-pollinated. Explain whether you or anyone on your team traveled to the new country, and if so, how often and what you accomplished. Explain what specific goals in your initial strategy were achieved. Be precise when describing how you strengthened your home country business, built new income in your home country, built new income to your IRC, and built new income to your UGC(s).

There will be three grand prize winners chosen based on the strategies submitted and execution of those strategies. Market America will provide a ticket, airfare and accommodations to attend the 2014 World Conference for each grand prize winner and a member of their European team, and each winner and their team member will be invited to dinner with Loren and I. This is a great opportunity to build a solid foundation overseas from the get-go. See Official Rules for details.

Universal Global Center/International Re-Entry Center Challenge

Similar to the broad-based goals I set forth through the President’s Challenge, the Universal Global Center/International Re-Entry Center Challenge asks you to apply the fundamentals of the business in engaging the Global Unification initiative. You will create referrals, sponsor from those referrals, assist your new European Independent Distributors in building a customer base, and then connect them back to your home country by helping them prospect there. It’s the principles of the Basic 5 applied internationally. Here are the full requirements of this challenge:

UNIFY your team and submit a graphic of IRC placement, UGC completion, cross-pollination and combination strategic plan with a 500-word or less explanation of the strategy.

GENERATE a minimum of 100 IRC country team referrals; make at least 25 contacts, generating at least two personally sponsored Independent Distributors.

CREATE a Facebook group for IRC team communication, recruiting combinations and cross-pollination.

IDENTIFY at least one member of your Americas organization to work with to help them place their IRC and personally sponsor one new European Independent Distributor.

REGISTER at least ten (10) new European Preferred Customers for each of your two new personally sponsored European Independent Distributors.

CONNECT your IRC back to your home country by “zippering” one of your new personally sponsored IRC Distributors, and helping them identify five prospects in your home country and document the outcome of each of those five.

We need all entries submitted by MAIL (not email or fax) with documentation by Tuesday, January 8. Everyone who completes the Challenge will not only receive preferred seating at the 2014 World Conference and be recognized onstage, but a member of the Corporate Team will conduct a Home Business Presentation for their European team. The contest and challenge both begin now, and you already have the tools you need to succeed. Start strategizing and good luck!

Keep growing,
JR Ridinger


Note: Please send the appropriate entries addressed to ATTN: Global Unification & Cross Pollination Strategy Contest OR President’s UGC/IRC Challenge, 1302 Pleasant Ridge Road, Greensboro, NC 27409, by their respective deadlines.


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  1. Helen says:

    How about Asia Pacific counties? if I only have sponsored one person in this country, currently, the BV from them will not float up to my home country at all. if the company has plan to unify UAP with UAM as one global? so US and UAP distributors can benefit from each others’ BV directly

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