December 10th, 2016

2016 Market America Employee Award Winners

Tonight is a very special night for the Market America family as we celebrate all our employees who help drive the success of UnFranchise Owners around the world. This is a night of fun with friends and coworkers – but it’s also an important opportunity to celebrate the people who make our business so incredible. Tonight we recognize the commitment, contribution, leadership, and selflessness of some very special employees from our corporate headquarters in Greensboro, NC.

I’d like to share with you now the following Market America Employee Award Winners for 2016 – congratulations to all of you for being a big part of what we do. I’d thank each and every employee for the excellent work you do as we change the world together and help make economic freedom a reality for so many people.

The teamwork and commitment to excellence you exhibit on a daily basis makes Market America the amazing company it is today – and Loren and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Keep Growing and Congratulations!

-JR Ridinger




Commitment and Dependability Award Winner: Dwayne Phillips – consistently produces work of high quality and provides outstanding service to the company.  Dwayne invests himself in the job and exhibits a high level of commitment, often taking extra steps in order to get the job done or to handle a temporary increase in workload.



Community Service Activity Award Winner: Meghan Roscoe – While maintaining excellent work habits, Meghan engages in activities outside the regular work schedule that benefit the initiatives identified by ma Cares or the community at large.



Teamwork and Leadership Award Winner: Matt Patrick – enhances cooperation, morale, and teamwork; displays courtesy, diplomacy, and flexibility; and is responsive to others regarding company issues.  Matt works well under pressure and consistently provides effective and sensitive leadership through knowledge, example, and attitude.



Creativity and Innovation Award Winner: Dave Liberstein – displays a willingness to try and offer new and creative ideas that improve the company’s functions or enhances its bottom line.  Dave is a good problem solver, is resourceful, and is a good steward of company resources.



POPS Award Winner: Leslie Lawrence – consistently goes the extra mile, possesses the “company first” attitude, always has a positive outlook, and is willing to help others in the time of need.  Leslie has a big heart and is constantly thinking of others.



Scott and Tina Ashley Award Winner: Ann Morgan – is the type of person easily trusted, who builds people up and makes them feel at home.  Ann is known for lifting people’s spirits and being dedicated and loyal.



Employee of the Year Award Winner: Ashley Richardson – shows determination and willingness to strive for excellence, produces high quality work.  Ashley works well with others, exhibits and promotes the characteristics in Community Service Activity, Commitment and Dependability, Creativity and Innovation, Teamwork and Leadership, and has outstanding attendance.


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