June 2nd, 2010

YouTube and the Social Media Impact

YouTube, the video sharing website which users can upload, share and view videos is a great example of how social media has revolutionized our culture, the music industry and the way we conduct business today. YouTube was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley and Steve Chan, two former employees of PayPal.

The idea of YouTube happened during a dinner party which later resulted in a global phenomenon. Before the launch of YouTube and other social media outlets, there were very few methods of posting and sharing videos online. With an Internet connection, YouTube made it possible to post and share videos worldwide. This is a great example of how a “idea” can become a reality and how the use of social media has impacted our personal and business lives in many ways.

Today, most people prefer to search and view videos on YouTube instead of watching TV. Fact: YouTube accounts for a total of 2.1 billion views per day. YouTube has impacted many lives, like Justin Bieber, the teen pop sensation, who was found via YouTube.  In addition, YouTube provided a new method of communicating and sharing ideas and opinions during the last presidential race as people accessed the presidential debate of 2008 on YouTube.  We cry, we laugh, we review, we promote and most importantly, we are impacting people’s lives on a daily basis through videos!

A Few Facts:

  • May 2010 YouTube exceeds 2 billions views per day
  • Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is the most watched video on YouTube with 218 million views
  • Pop sensation Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube
  • The first online presidential election was held on YouTube

I want to share a few videos with you that make for great entertainment, marketing and promotional strategies. Enjoy!

Keep growing.




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