November 28th, 2018

You Need a Plan B: General Motors to Lay Off 15% of Workforce

Layoffs are never a good thing because they essentially allow companies to shift an economic burden or problem right into your lap instead – but for 14,000 former GM auto plant workers that’s the dark reality of today. General Motors claims the cuts are part of a massive restructuring aimed at helping the company save $6 billion by 2020. For this to happen to 14,000 hardworking people right before the holidays is especially brutal, and just goes to show you that something like “changing market conditions” and shifting consumer demand can have a massive impact on a company and its employees.

It’s also a strong reminder that most people really don’t have control of their economic destiny. To most employers you’re just a cog in a wheel, a replaceable part whose use and abuse are part of cyclical greed where the end justifies the means. And even if you’re fortunate enough to create a nice life for you and your family, you’re still losing precious time in the 9 to 5 rat race. More times than not, at the end of your 45 year grind you won’t even have enough to retire comfortably. So, the grind just continues until you’re dust.

I hate the fact that average, hard-working people who just want the best for their families are perpetually worn down on the economic grindstone, innocent bystanders of decisions made in boardrooms they’ll never see. It’s scary when you think about how little control you truly have in the modern economy. Voiceless. Powerless. Or are you?

We started Market America and created the UnFranchise System to help everyday people take control of their future and to empower themselves against the whims and mistakes of titanic companies who care more about their bottom line than your family’s economic well-being. Our business is powered by the GMTSS – a global business building engine supercharged by the Shopping Annuity which helps everyone convert spending into earning while creating an ongoing income. It’s the only way to build a future-proof economy for your family that can help offset terrible circumstances like getting laid off. And if you build the business the right way you’ll be able to leave the rat race behind entirely.

I hate that 14,000 families just had their holidays ruined by General Motors’ layoffs as they adjust to market trends. They’re even cutting 25% of their executives so this is further proof that no one is immune to something like this. Just seeing so many people being blindsided by these massive layoff are another reminder why it’s so important for UnFranchise Owners to be proactive and share this business with the people we meet. You never who who’s life you may change, because everyone needs a Plan B!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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