December 1st, 2017

Words of Wisdom: My Favorite Books

I get hundreds of great emails and messages on social media each week from UnFranchise Owners around the world – and people will often ask for input and advice. Every once in a while people will want to get a little inside glimpse at what makes me tick. I’ve frequently been asked what my favorite books are, and to be honest that’s a very difficult question for me to answer.

As the Founder and Chairman of a massive international company, I read hundreds of reports and memos on a daily basis plus around 300 emails – and by the end of the day I’m usually pretty much “read out.” As a result, I prefer audio books and usually alternate between written books and audio books as there is something about the written word that gives it perspective and context. I don’t read as many books now because I am digital and do it online. Listening to audios is my solution as it’s the only thing in the world that allows you to effectively do 2 things at once – like listen and: drive, run, workout, do errands, etc.

I have a liberal arts education with a science degree that was invaluable because it broadened my mind and provided me with a wide range of relevant study. I often joke about its value because you end up knowing a lot about a little and a little about lot which lends itself to having an intelligent conversation with anyone. Perfect for the business – right?!?

But back to the books…to be completely honest I hate having to narrow down a list of influential books for me because no matter what I include I know I’ll leave out an important and influential work – but regardless I hope the following list helps provide you with some additional insight into what’s influenced my thinking and what I like to read about. Each of the following books (and many more not included) have helped serve as cornerstones of my thinking, belief system, and quest for enlightenment…


JR’s Favorite Books (please note the books in BOLD had an early impact that helped guide my path):

  • Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  • The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightengale
  • Atlas Shrugged and other Ann Rand writings (maybe a little later – but helped to cause me to become a true entrepreneur and capitalist to start MA)
  • As Man Thinketh, James Allen
  • Success through Supper Conscious Power, Roy Eugene Davis
  • Common Sense, Thomas Payne
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda
  • The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponders
  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
  • Autobiography by Thomas Jefferson (and others)
  • The Law of Success in Sixteen Lesson by Napoleon Hill
  • The Science of Success, by Wallace D. Wattles (the original Think and Go Rich)
  • Believe, Rich Devos (Also Ten Points and Selling America)
  • Art Williams: Pushing Up People, Coach, Common Sense
  • The Power of Positive Thinking, by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Way to Wealth, Benjamin Franklin (and others that contain his quotes and writings)
  • Charlie Marsh – How a dumb Cop from Rome NY, changed Amway and became FREE. (First Crown Ambassador)
  • Teachings and Philosophy or Metaphysics of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato
  • Albert Einstein: “Relativity” and “The World as I See It.”
  • The Inventors Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford, by Suzanne Slade and Black Reinhardt
  • Thomas Edison: Inventing the Modern World (The True Story of Thomas Edison) (Historical Biographies of Famous People), by Alexander Kennedy
  • Numerous other Autobiographies from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to business paradigm shifters
  • Various history books on American History and Western Civilization

And last but not least and probably the most important:

  • The Holy Bible (read daily)
  • Torah & Kethuvm
  • Qu’ran or (Koran)
  • The Bhagavad Vita & Mahabharata
  • Tibetan Buddhist Cannon & (Tengyur & Kangyur): Mainly because they were required reading and discussion in the 2 semester course: Comparative Analysis of Religions of the World in college that enlightened me to the commonalities and differences that are the basis for universal truth.





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  1. Mary Roth says:

    Great thanks!!

  2. Michael Puffer says:

    Thank you for sharing your list of great books.

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