March 26th, 2012

Why Hong Kong Represents a Unique Opportunity

This is a very interesting article from CNNGo that Loren referred to at the Hong Kong Convention. It’s an interesting read because it highlights the challenges facing e-commerce in Hong Kong – but it shows there is a great opportunity for success in the region. Hong Kong represents a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage – Why? Here are the reasons:

  • We provide a Shop Consultant who serves as a personal guide on the internet – someone they know and trust who can help them find what they want while getting them Cashback! Having someone help locate the best deals through comparison shopping makes the shopping experience so much better – and provides a real convenience. Why drive or walk all over and fight crowds to compare when you can do it online?
  • Motives ® by Loren Ridinger is a premium cosmetics brand with a huge media following and celebrity endorsements. Leverage all of this great exposure by sharing the press links and PDFs with people you meet. By utilizing the press and media attention Motives receives, you are able to help build brand awareness and grow your business!
  • The Hong Kong market is built for premium personalized service, which is exactly what our Shop Consultants provide! Go above and beyond and offer to visit your customers in person and do trunk shows – this will work in Hong Kong! You can even serve OPC-3 to help them experience beauty from the inside out too!
  • We have a service where you can shop online and pick up at stores – that’s the best of both worlds! The best part is you get paid to shop! If everyone here utilizes it we can get higher Cashback, higher IBV and more stores. We’re going to watch this carefully, and if you’re on board we will put resources on this to get more deals with more stores. In a high density market with 7 million people within an urban setting of just several miles, perhaps someday we can offer delivery or courier service of our own. But first we need to see you using it more yourselves! What additional stores would make it more attractive?
  • And most importantly, average people in Hong Kong need income and we have a way of providing it! Remember – we have a vertical marketing model different from direct sales or MLM companies, with a unique business plan which generates residual income as well as immediate profit. Prime the binomial pumps like I showed you! Fill the funnel and the success stories will grow!


The fact that everyone is not already shopping on the internet in Hong Kong is a huge opportunity for us – this is your chance to make it happen. Market Hong Kong is already prospering and growing – so let’s make history! Let’s grow faster. Bigger, better, faster and easier! We love Hong Kong and want to see you succeed! We can make it happen!

What a great Convention! Congratulations! Thank you for having us and making us feel so welcomed!


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