May 22nd, 2012

Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur

The following article from Forbes is worth reading and sharing with people to help awaken their inner entrepreneur! To me, this article reinforces what we already know and the reason why we exist as a company and an opportunity.


With a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and loyal customers, Market America and SHOP.COM tracks customers’ profiles and buying habits in order to match products to people and people to products.


Each entrepreneur is equipped with a SHOP.COM web site and is connected economically.  Market America provides a systemized and standardized business model, just like a franchise.  The company provides the support, training, technology, products, growing visibility and a proven business plan.


We represent the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs – giving people the ability to achieve financial freedom, even in a time of global economic uncertainty. I feel that in the coming years, it will become increasingly apparent that it takes someone with passion and an entrepreneurial spirit to find success – and I’m not alone.


See below for the Forbes article: “Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur.”


Life is what happens while you are making other plans. –John Lennon


To prove the headline–and explain why everyone will have to become an entrepreneur–we need to talk about how the odds say the swirling global economy is going whisk you out of a job.


But since “nothing is constant but change”  was probably already a cliché when the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said it 2700 years ago, we need to make the point another way.


Try this.


Think back 20 years. On a random Saturday morning, you slip on your American made polo shirt, and made in the U.S.A. blue jeans, and while walking downtown you wonder if that new hot CD you want—the one that has been sold out forever—is finally available. Spotting a pay phone, you get the number for a record store you know is near by. Yes, they have a copy they will put aside for you, if you can get there within the hour. Not quite certain where the store is, you pull out a map and double check.


As you think about this scenario, and countless others you could imagine, you realize that it’s easier to list the tiny handful of professions and industries that will remain unchanged in the next 20 years than it is to write down the ones that will be altered—radically.  And all that upheaval is likely to throw you—and anyone else who is not prepared—out of a job.


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