March 23rd, 2010

What is Your Favorite Audio Today?

Jr, What would you say had the most impact on your ability to build and develop such an incredible team when you first started in the industry? (Aside,from the “strangest secret”) and what is your favorite audio Today? – Ed Fernandez, Forest Hills, NY

Ed, I listen to an audio every day when I run, work out or dive to feed my mind. It’s like working out, eating right, meditating or praying, making lists, or taking supplements – it’s a habit and a way of life. Therefore, I do not need to be so selective. The thing about audios is that different people need different prescriptions for what their situations are, and one size doesn’t fit all.

I suggest that one go through the curriculum on the mp3 player. Another tip – I have five mp3 players and lend them to new people and select audio for them to listen to in order to inoculate them against negativity and inspire them to give it a trial run for 90 days. To answer your question, there are some old tapes by Rich Devos and Charlie Marsh that moved me 20-some years ago. I have also been influenced by Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peal, Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Roy Eugene Davis (Super-conscious Power). Today I think it is important for someone to get the big picture – why we are a paradigm-shifting opportunity – and to be personality to be mentally tough enough to overcome criticism from negative losers.

So I give them the audio of my closing presentation from the last event. I also like Loren and Marc’s presentation on the Portal. After that it’s the Basic 5 or a business-building audio top leaders. To me, no one audio does it all. What does work is getting people to listen to audios and to keep feeding them more as they grow – feed them what they need or are hungry for. Sorry that I can’t honestly give you one audio to do it all, but that’s the truth and the way it is. What good does it do work out one time? You have to do routinely to see results.

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