February 21st, 2012

We’re Just 9 Days Away from Market UK!

Can you believe we are only 9 days away until the launch of Market United Kingdom? Our global community of entrepreneurs continues to grow as we officially open for business in the United Kingdom March 1st.  We are at the dawn of a tremendous expansion opportunity – but are you poised to take advantage of this? Are you running the cross-pollination play in your organization, or are you asleep at the wheel and missing out?


Your current organization genealogy already exists transparently in the UK. Utilize calls, counseling’s, corings, conference calls, challenges, webinars, and coach everyone to ask for referrals or contacts who know people in the UK. Ask your partners, customers, family, friends, relatives, classmates, club members, and coworkers who they know that either lives in the UK, travels there for work, has relatives there, or vacations there. If you are not doing this, you’re not doing your job as a UFO!


When you get possibilities contact them using the referral approach and ask for help. You can send them the MA or Market UK PDF and then hook them up on this great Webinar with Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler.


You don’t have to travel to the UK to plant your seeds, and you still won’t have to travel there when they germinate! Send them to one of our meetings. If you get just a few people interested and it starts to grow, you can activate your global center and possibly go there! If you go through a group of a thousand you can easily get 3250 leads. You can also search on Twitter and Facebook like Loren and Steve taught at World Conference. Check out the support and list of meeting s below and get busy!



*Please see the attached document for the scheduled meetings and trainings that will be conducted February 24 – March 17.

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