April 24th, 2020

Weekly Zoom Highlights: April 24th

Team, we’ve had yet another action-packed week filled with Zoom webinars with key UnFranchise leaders and incredible entrepreneurs. We started the week off right with an amazing Zoom session with Dennis Franks, Dr. Deedra Mason, and Rastelli’s own Ray Rastelli Jr. This was an excellent webinar and was so timely and topical, not to mention it was a great chance to learn from a true industry leader in Ray Rastelli. 

I also had the chance to speak on Zoom this week with Part 2 of my Evaluation Approach webinar where I had the chance to dive deeper into this important aspect of business building which ultimately generates more people who qualify! It’s always a blast hosting these webinars and speaking with my global UnFranchise family is always one of the highlights of my week!

Another key highlight this week was without question the long-awaited return of The Andrew Weissman Show! I just watched it again on YouTube this morning, and in case you missed the show I suggest you do the same because it’s entertaining and informative. Even if you watched it live the first time it’s always worth a replay! Kevin Buckman is such a brilliant entrepreneur and strategist, so any time you have a chance to learn from him and Andrew Weissman I suggest you make the most of it! It’s a unique perspective and a chance to learn more about what makes them tick!

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