July 12th, 2013

We Need Your Help with a Huge Marketing Initiative!

Attention UnFranchise Owners and Leaders! I need your help and input. I need a special group of UFO’s to join a team I am starting.

Market America and SHOP.COM are working on a major marketing and lead generation program targeting the Internet entrepreneurial business opportunity market. This will revolve around ­online selling, shopping, and internet marketing opportunities in regards to offering our program (SHOP.COM in a BOX turnkey system of online Shopping business and WebCenters for their own products or commerce through the UnFranchise).

This is a huge market and there is a tidal wave of activity, interest, and growth in this area of business and opportunity. This Incredible Presentation describes it and discusses it so you can clearly understand what the market is, what is going on, and why we have the competitive advantage to attract these people. Take a few minutes to open it and click through it.

Internet marketing, on line shopping, E-retailing, and e-commerce, are undisputedly the fastest growing segment of our economy and are booming and exploding everywhere. The paradigm shift is here. Do you want to lead the parade or follow?  It can be said that Digital and IT technology innovations and On line marketing or retailing are the only to profitable sectors if our economy that are growing and highly profitable. The rest if the economy has not recovered and is lagging behind and suffering. The Job market is terrible and unemployment as high as it has ever been.  More and more people are turning to entrepreneurial options. Because if this there is an avalanche of people searching in line, looking, interested in or becoming involved on internet marketing or on line entrepreneurial opportunities.

We have the best “deal” out there and we are not even on the radar screen and have not even tried to promote our program in this market as the ultimate internet marketing online business opportunity.

We have traditionally approached prospect and recruiting from a different perspective and focus and are missing this opportunity. It is colossal and involves millions of people looking for a home or opportunity and billions of dollars in sales. Traditionally we prospect and recruit using the UBP to attract people based on one of two main themes or messages:

1. An entrepreneurial opportunity for the average person that can produce additional income and eventually a 6 figure residual income. Basically the  choice between the 2 to 3 year plan and the 45 year plan and a way to beat the linear income system with residual income. The “Plan B” alternative  to a  job in order to achieve financial security and freedom without the risk of a traditional business or franchise providing a proven system and support where one can be in business for themselves but not by themselves.  A proven system to build residual income and financial freedom to realize a dream (the WHY) through helping others succeed and providing products that people need or for which they are looking and shopping.

2. Product Interest and need. Solve a problem for them or fill a need in an area of their interest or passion.  When they believe in the product and know others like them we offer an income opportunity and business sharing it and marketing it through the Unfranchise system turning a loyal customer in to a Unfranchise owner representing that Product or market

We already do both of those very successfully.


However, we do little or nothing to attract this internet entrepreneurial market and we have a better opportunity, program, turnkey system and the competitive advantage and often everything they ever dreamed of. However we are not reaching them or approaching them. It is a different angle and approach.

We are interested in developing marketing campaigns to reach these people and attract them to the Unfranchise. That requires a different approach. We want to go to where the fish are that we are fishing for with the right bait or lure or use a net to pull them out by the net full and show them a better program. Frankly, there is nothing that holds a candle or compares to what we offer, but they do not know about it or even see it as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneurial opportunity.  Most of what is out there is piece mill, a money grab, simply information with no vehicle, a do it yourself trial and error program, or a “get you in deeper than you can get out program where they “nickel and dime the participant” to death to build it and make it work resulting in huge monthly expense many times what an Unfranchise requires and before they make money, or outright scams.

We have, without a doubt, the “cookie” and the best platform out there for someone looking for an internet marketing or online shopping- selling business opportunity.  Between Shop.com in a box fro on line shopping and Web centers for selling their own product or content and the Unfranchise system we address all of their needs in a turnkey system with a proven credible company. We have the competitive edge and a better offer.  Yet we are the best kept secret. This is an untapped Gold mine!

To do this we want to develop recruiting, prospecting and marketing campaigns targeting this market of opportunity seekers.

We need the right digital and print presentations. The right offers. The right techniques and best practices. The right approaches, scripts, and answers.

The best practices.   And we have to go to where they are going or congregating.

We intend to do this in two ways:

1. As a company campaign and lead generation program where the leads will be assigned to the best prepared UFO’s to do it and they can place them in their organization.

2. As a system and technique to be used independently by UFO’s and their teams providing campaigns, techniques, methods and tools or platforms along with step by step instructions and best practices so UFO’s can promote and build their own businesses using it. Additionally we need the right social media and video streaming tools, ads, promotions and tools.

I want to form a TASK FORCE or GROUP of our best qualified or experienced people  to develop and test this.

So, I would like to ask, you, our most committed UF0¹s the following questions:


Who are the best people in your group or that they know of in MA (your area or in any team) that are recruiting people in who are looking for Internet marketing, affiliate, or on line shopping or selling businesses?  Who is getting results? Who has had a successful experience? It may be one win or a series of wins and a batting average. I want to know who they are and what they did.

We want to do the following in this all-out campaign:

  • We want to use SEM, Key words, Face Book targeted ads to the right groups and pages, Social Media direct response, Twitter ads to targeted profiles Twitter and Face book searches for people in this or interested in it, Publicity and content or articles in digital or print publications.
  • We want to go to high traffic site that are relevant to this market and topic and make offers, attract people to us, or net and divert traffic to see us.
  • Redirect traffic that is looking to us.  Create other sites, bogs, and URL’s with content and SEO then use advanced techniques to attract people searching for this.
  • Publicity resulting in stories and exposure in magazines, newspapers, blogs TV, and digital on line newsletters or magazines. Create and publish success stories
  • Events of our own about it.
  • Attend events, Conferences Associations, Trade groups or shows, Seminars where these people are at or congregate.
  • Go to Blogs, chat groups, and URL’s where these people go and participate and enter into the dialogue to get out story out. Get stories published. Advertise on these sites.

If anyone has any knowledge, experience or ideas on this they should send them into me or join the group.

Question to answer if you can:

Do you know where or does anyone on your team know the best targets to aim at where people doing internet opportunities or looking for internet on line opportunities are going or congregating for information, deals, training, and advice such as:

  • Internet sites
  • Internet pages or Social Media pages or groups (FB)
  • Trade shows, conferences, events
  • Twitter sources they follow
  • Blogs, Chat rooms.
  • Digital news-letters, periodicals
  • Focus groups, clubs, organizations?
  • Magazines, periodicals
  • Clubs, groups, organizations
  • What people looking search.

Send in the information or join the group or have the person with the idea send in the information and join the group. You can email me at jr@marketamerica.com.

We do not want to fish in the ocean with a single line. We want to go to the lake, river, or pond where the fish already are feeding, congregating, breeding and get the nets out!

What I need from you in the way of help:

  • Who in the field or on your team are the most internet marketing or digitally savvy and knowledgeable and are having success and or have great ideas.
  • I want to pitch them on the fact that we would like to put a task force and focus group together from the field to brain storm, interact and help develop platforms, programs, tools, and systems to penetrate and attract this market to recruit and/or build customer bases.
  • I want to hear their story, what they have done, their background and experience and why they are good at this. They can contact me directly or you can recommend them. I need their email address and cell number. I want to know their history in MA, their background, the organization they are in, their contact information and what they have done to demonstrate they would be good at this or could help.
  • I want to select a team from this group to conduct our first all-out campaign and train them on an agreed to system to handling the leads and track it. We will work as a team to establish best practices and a duplicable system. They can feed or place people who join in down line in their team to people they feel are committed and trained.

We will then systemize the program and do it company-wide after it is proven to work and provide training for those who want to participate!

Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger 

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19 Responses to We Need Your Help with a Huge Marketing Initiative!

  1. Brandon Marsan says:

    Hi I’m Brandon Marsan,

    I’m a young genY entreprenuer & I registered my unfranchise business in March. I am already activated, have 10 loyal customers, I’m awaiting my first check, & I have done a lot of promotion & advertising on Instagram & twitter which has contributed to my success! I have branded myself on the champion blend plus, torch sports nutrition, & entrepreneurial opportunity, to the point where a lot of people are calling me “market America” “champion blend” or “shop.com/bmarsan.” I havent sponsored anyone through instagram yet, but I have generated leads & moved a lot of product just through Instagram! I am very social media savvy & I’ve been already looking into how other Internet entrepreneurial opportunities are being promoted all over the Internet & tapping into the “target markets” you are looking for! I was very interested in this market & was wondering how some of these automated systems & promotional tools can benefit the expansion of my business! Truth is, regardless of the company or business, I’ve been taking note of many entreprenuers generating a mass amount of leads in this market, especially on Instagram, which is my specialty! I am savvy with the hash tag promotion tool, & sharing the content on multiple social media sites! I have not done any blogs yet but I would be very interested in promoting on blogs & I am a very good writer! I have heard of international networking sites that professional people all over the globe are tapping into looking for the next best entreprenurial opportunity & stream of income, I wouldn’t have a problem generating & closing leads through theseplatforms! I believe I would be a great candidate for this campaign & I have a lot to bring to the table when it comes to social media marketing & helping educate everyone, especially young Generation Y, about market America & the brilliant business system behind it! I am a leader & I have all the belief I need to be successful & help others do the same! People are taking note of what I’m doing as I have devoted my full time schedule to market america, & they are interested in how I am living this new lifestyle from home! It would be a pleasure for me to become a member of this team & take part in this campaign because I’m already doing a lot of Internet advertising daily & I’m very interested in this specific market! I would like to speak further with you & get some more information about this campaign! You can contact me through my email bmarsan1993@gmail.com or my cell number is 2034511703!

    Thank you & best regards,

    Brandon Marsan

  2. James Tong says:

    I’d be interested to know as well. Social platforms that engage conversation and provide (or capture) contact info may allow for more 1-on-1 talk in private. A relationship can be built and another partnership can be formed. It could be using a blog with social plugins and lead captures. It could be self-branding and building a following with warm market on Facebook by doing something simple, consistent and daily. Or build awareness by doing something simple, consistent and daily.

    How else are we going to get (and keep) people’s attention? And the RIGHT people’s attention? Exactly! Who are these people? People looking to save money on buying stuff? People who would be interested in marketing something and make extra money?

    For the people who want to save money, they are faced with a lot of choices (thus shop.com has a lot of competition)….ESPECIALLY with price-conscious people. Maybe somebody goes to a sample sale and buys stuff at 50% off. Maybe somebody could have bought a camera from a Partner Store for $200 but they see the same camera at a physical store for $150. The only way to beat that with shop.com is either through price or accumulation of cashback. Accumulating takes time because of all the sharing that you must do (eg: referral cashback) or purchases that you must make. In the camera’s case, you will need to accumulate at least $50. Assuming free shipping, you then need to account for whether to wait the extra few days or simply pick it up at the store on the way home from work. In the meantime, you and the other people are again faced with choices when it comes to saving money and time.

    Or maybe they are looking for something that isn’t offered by any Partner Store (or only found in stores that are not Partner Stores). How about knock-off merchandise where a “Coach” bag is $50 instead of $500? Consigned goods? Second-hand goods that sell for $7 instead of $70? OR HOW ABOUT BRANDING AND MARKETING OF SHOP.COM ITSELF??

    Now, let’s talk about people who want to make money by marketing something. Market America has a lot of products to offer and that’s good. But that can also be a disadvantage. Maybe people who want to make money by marketing just want to focus on a couple of products. They want to be able to just share the product directly and quickly, make a sale and collect money right away. Even create a culture of just sharing that one or two products. That one or two products are enjoyed, a good (or attractive) impression of the company (and/or brand) is created, and upfront money is made. Simple, mobile, duplicatable system.

  3. Jason Pelland says:

    I am very interested in being considered to be part of your task force on Digital Marketing to merge the UnFranchise and recruiting Internet marketers and those looking for e-commerce/m-commerce business opportunities. I couldn’t agree more and have been saying this in our area since 2008. I believe I am qualified as an UnFranchise Owner, as well as have a good grasp on Internet, Social, and Mobile technology. With the Distributor Recruiting Sites, PRM Tool, mini-websites, and Shop.com, there is a huge, exciting opportunity available for the UnFranchise to go digital.

    Jason Pelland
    Master Coordinator
    Upline Advisory Council Member: Andy Docos

    -Google AdWords Certified, Top Digital Media Sales Rep. Hearst Media/LocalEdge,
    -Co-Founder H7, LLC marketing company teaching/managing digital marketing for local traditional businesses (Websites, SEO, SEM, Email, Mobile, as well as Signs, Print/Promo)
    -International Convention 2013 WebCenter Challenge Winner

  4. Sandi Bennett says:


  5. Chris Vestal says:


    Very glad this type of program is being considered again since it could unlock huge opportunity that has until this time remain untapped. Several aspects of this was researched by R&D – both on our own initiative, and later based on a contact Dennis had at the time.

    If you are interested, I would be happy to set aside some time to review some opportunities, strategies and pitfalls identified at that time that would still be very valid today. I believe you all still have my number? I know how busy you are, so I would be glad to discuss with Dennis or anyone that might be genuinely interested.

    Warm regards,

    Chris Vestal

  6. used the internet for many years in occupational employment, just recently for social shopping. i agree it is the biggest system to reign in. would really like to be a part of this growth.

  7. Vicki Miller says:

    JR, Tell me what to do and I will do it. I have sponsored 47 people and I live MA every day.

    • Amy Blake says:

      I love this idea too!!! That short 2 min video that you sent out/showed at convention in Miami about the Generation Y and how they are ALL so immersed in social media that its a natural platform for them to work, play, shop and live 24/7….I remember when I showed my then 16 yr old son shop.com for the first time when it debuted and all he said was, “Can I do this business?” I told him YES!!! He has been earning cashback ever since that day and is planning on starting his own business doing digital marketing for small/med size businesses as soon as he graduates in June 2014. He is a “millenial” and was using a mouse before he was 2 yrs old! Scary how fast they grow up and he wants to eventually work for Google or Facebook but I told him he doesnt have to work the 45 yr plan, so if MA is going to expand even more into social media, I will send him your way!

      Thanks for the incredible leadership, I have been so impressed with Market America, its products, culture, corporate team and “dream it all, you’ll get it!” philosophy (following the system) that it’s refreshing to say I partnered with a company that really does “walk the walk and talk the talk”. Very few companies can deliver and I have not been disappointed yet!!

      Amy Blake,
      Wellness Consultant/Trainer
      UnFranchise Owner
      Since 2010–Advanced Isotonix Neutraceuticals

      Cell 612-532-2675

      Sr. Business Partner: Vicki Miller, Professional Coordinator, MN

  8. JR, I would love to be part of the Task Force. A few months ago, it became really clear to me that with the tools we have can really help a lot of business owners grow their business through Internet Marketing, e-commerce, eRetailing, and/or use Shop.com as their platform. All started after I attended BNI meeting back in May and I started talking to Business Owners there; I realized the need they have for eCommerce, eRetailing, and getting ranked on the top Search Engines. Also, I noted that they are not getting any referrals or making money with their current website. These small businesses owners are at the BNI meetings looking to network and grow their businesses. I have a couple of meetings scheduled with some of them to discuss how I can help them grow their businesses with MA Web Centers and Shop.com.

    I have a computer background, and really started doing the business since January this year (Even though I signed up 2 years ago). I decided to do Market America after interviewing my manager, director, and VP of the copay; I realized that to get a promotion I was going to spend my time at work and less time with my family. My goal is within a year from now to be Professional Coordinator.

  9. Donna Latoy says:

    this is fantastic…all in!! thank you!!!

  10. Douglas Haley says:

    Hi! I have a question on participation with this initiative. I will explain why the question first. I live in Sarasota, FL in winter and while there I participate in a group, Internet Masterminds.

    It meets weekly and there is a topic of interest studied each session. This week the guest expert will discuss monetizing one’s blog. There have been social media, seo, branding, internet reputation covered to name a few topics. I have learned a lot.

    I believe these individuals would be a great asset to the initiative and am wondering if they could participate? Some of them know my connection with M.A. My goal would be to use their knowledge to help build our brand and for them to grow business with us as partners. They are entrepreneurs and understand residual income.

    I have a few bloggers as friends, too. One of which has 65k hits minimum per month. Another whose website has ranked in the top 38k in the US. Their expertise and following would help expose our brand.

    Lastly and not that this is unique, of my fb friends, the “top” 100 have a total of 415k as friends and followers. They may be helpful in “spreading the word.”

    Let me know your thoughts, Doug

  11. Douglas Haley says:

    Hi! One another thing I forgot to mention in my first email is a number of these fb friends have businesses and are entrepreneurs.

    Have a great day!


  12. How do I join the group?

  13. Anita Soler says:

    I am very interested in being a part of this internet marketing expansion project group. I am part of Gigi Souritzides’ team. Before I started my Unfranchise, I actually had some interest in pursuing affiliate internet marketing programs, pay per click, etc, but they just didn’t seem to be able to deliver what I was looking for, based on some of the very points you included in the presentation you provided in this post. Although I was introduced to the Unfranchise through Isotonix, I immediately began to see that what I now owned was nothing less than an entire Small Business Marketing & Resource Firm in-a-box. I was floored when I read this blog post after receiving it from Gigi because it’s something I’ve seen so clearly right from the start. As such, I have chosen to intentionally brand my Unfranchise business as a small business resources firm, with the goal of providing a full service “one stop internet marketing shop” for small business owners who want to grow their business by leveraging internet based technology or add additional streams of passive income to their financial strategy. So obvious how this be done so incredibly through the power of the Unfranchise model, our amazing products and services, and the shop.com URL. This is exciting stuff! Please email me at anitasoler@rocketmail.com

  14. Stacey Ogden says:

    I’m a new distributor and I am still building my team. So far I’ve signed up 1 partner and an NPO, but I would LOVE to be a part of this discussion and explore all opportunities to grow my team.

  15. I am very interested in the new Internet marketing idea. I see this as a must for future business. Having the Internet tools to drive shoppers through to our portals at shop.com will help us to reduce our competitors business and increase our sales.

  16. yes. JR. we wil follow you.

  17. Bill Travis says:

    count me in

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