October 14th, 2010

Ways to Foster Innovation in Your Company

Creativity fosters innovation, but how can you ignite creative sparks within your organization? We’ve compiled lessons on developing a vibrant research and development strategy.

rn to an inexpensive and efficient source of innovation: their own employees. How can you unleash the creative spirit lurking in your workforce? Here are a few strategies to get you going.

1. Let Every Employee Play Designer.

Allow employees or team members to be part of the idea-creation process. Encourage everyone in your team to spend time designing, producing, analyzing and sharing ideas.  This will allow creative juices flowing and exchanging what can be valuable content.

2. Provide Lots of Free Time to Think.

One of the most important tactics when building and developing is researching and thinking.  Allow your team to think, give them the freedom to spend an afternoon trying to figure out why, when, how long?  This will encourage them to reflect and let their neurons rip.

3. Use New Software to Round Up Staff Ideas. What happens when your employees are too shy to pipe up? They don’t produce.  Create an anonymous forum where team members can share ideas or submit them.

4. Encourage Risk-Taking.

Encourage your team to do something he or she has never before attempted, allow them to take the risk let them know everything is possible.

5. Hold an Intern Contest.

Need more designers, developer’s stronger sales team? Hold a contest to earn employment in your organization.  Offer them free products, a mention, a day with you, by targeting students early and focusing them on a career they will want to do their best for your company.

6.  Allocate 10 Percent of time for invention

The key to encouraging innovation is to let employees be as inventive as possible.  Encourage your product manager and team member to devote 10% of their work week to new ideas.  You will see how many will develop new products for you.

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