October 3rd, 2019

Watch Hurdlr Four-Week Recap

We just completed a powerful four-week accountability series which focused on teaching how to leverage a truly powerful tool at your fingertips – Hurdlr. This is a program which would benefit nearly any small business owner and is a real no-brainer for UnFranchise Owners.

If you missed out on this important accountability series, fear not! You can catch a replay by CLICKING HERE. Even if you watched them and participated this is a great refresher and the perfect way to reinforce what you learned.

I’ve included below our official announcement with additional information about this series and the Hurdlr program. I highly suggest you review this yourself and also share with your team! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Learn how to leverage Hurdlr to end 2019 and prepare for a strong 2020

With only a few months remaining in 2019, how have you maximized your potential tax benefits as an UnFranchise® Owner (UFO)? Market America has partnered in the U.S. and Canada with Hurdlr, which automatically tracks all of your mileage, expenses, income streams and tax deductions in real time. By calculating valuable tax deductions and automating your financial records, Hurdlr could help you save thousands of dollars per year on your tax bill and get back hours of your time.

(For all other Market Countries, UFOs will continue to have access to Deductr until Hurdlr becomes available.) 

In a special four-week session, UFOs learned the ins and outs of how to maximize what Hurdlr has to offer. Click here if you missed the live sessions or simply would like to recap them. I’ve also included the videos below.

Week 1: Why, What, How

  • What Hurdlr does for your business
  • How to upgrade your Deductr account to Hurdlr
  • Setting up your new Hurdlr account
  • Walk through each section of the app and explain how it works

Week 2: Making Hurdlr habitual and tools for automation

  • Get real-time notifications when you have income, expenses and mileage to tag
  • Make a habit of setting aside time each day or week to go through your data and tag it 
  • AI-based rules that learn your tagging habits over time and make rule suggestions to help you tag your transactions and mileage automatically
  • Time tracking: Track your time and export reports 

Week 3: Recruiting, Retention & Reports

The benefits of Hurdlr can become a strong recruiting angle. The information that Hurdlr provides can also be a powerful retention tool as new UFOs can see how much they are saving by owning an UnFranchise Business.

  • Track their other businesses using Hurdlr as well; use this as a recruiting tool (if people join UFMS, they can get Hurdlr for free)
  • Tracking at the client level: Add clients and track their sales, expenses and mileage at the client level
  • Creating custom business and personal expense categories
  • Reports to help with tax time: Sample reports 

Week 4: Duplication

  • A series of questions to do a self-assessment of how engaged you are with Hurdlr
  • The basic steps to helping your organization get started with Hurdlr
  • How to leverage the recorded sessions to run your own four-week session
  • How to access support

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