Veterans Day 2016: Honoring Those Who Served

Today is a very special day for America as we honor the brave men and women who served in our Armed Forces. Today is Veterans Day. For generations you’ve protected this nation and the freedoms we cherish so very much. Your service has not only helped define and preserve our freedoms, but you’ve helped share our freedom like a beacon of light for others to follow, by protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

It takes a special person to put their country first, and it is through this selfless action that you allow all of us to pursue our dreams, innovate, and inspire. Your service is the cornerstone of our freedom, and without it our nation would not exist.

In a week where America is recovering from an intensely divisive presidential election, it’s even more important for us to consider that we wouldn’t even have an avenue of free speech and the right to vote without the selfless sacrifices of our armed forces. Thank you for helping to providing us with these sacred rights.

For those who served in our Armed Forces and those currently serving at home and abroad, I thank you and pray you stay safe. May we honor your deeds by pursuing our dreams, cherishing our freedom, and living our lives to the fullest. Happy Veterans Day!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger