May 6th, 2019

Utilize PowerPoint Presentations from the 2019 Market America Mideast Regional

This past weekend’s Mideast Regional Convention was a tremendous learning experience, and even if you didn’t attend you still have the chance to leverage this key event by reviewing the following educational materials with your teams. I was so honored to have the chance to speak with the UFOs here, but I want everyone to learn from this so I’ve included below some crucial links to PPTs which provide additional insights and information.

I suggest everyone review this with their teams because they can help make some of the core concepts really click for them – especially those related to imprinting and the geese procession flying in the v-formation, the evaluation approach, and no-decision close. These concepts will have a massive impact on your success and growth so I strongly suggest you take some time today to review this material and share it with your teams. It may be exactly what they need to spark that billionth of a volt!

The first presentation I’ve included below is the shortest into session to Imprinting and Geese procession which helps explain how it all works – including how to do the evaluation approach and no-decision close to find the right people with the mentality to hit Director within a year. CLICK HERE to access this presentation. It’s a very useful short overview and intro to get one’s attention to see if they want to learn it.  This is for people who do not know what we mean by Imprinting in Fowl and the business. It gives a quick video illustration and illustrates how it relates to the evaluation technique and pattern in the business turning into the binary V geese procession.

I’ve also included the full presentation that I used this past weekend below. Share this with your teams and provide them with powerful insights and secrets of success and new techniques they need to utilize. You can also CLICK HERE to read my blog with highlights from the Mideast Convention including form great videos and pictures from #MERC2019.

Below is the link to access the full lesson and PowerPoint presentation on Imprinting & the process of leading to people as well as other mini lessons not covered at #MERC2019 such as: Goal Setting,  DO NOT RECRUIT and Becoming a Hopeless Success at Prospecting Qualifying and Sponsoring, Different Perspectives on the Shopping Annuity and how to lead the parade and earn IBV checks with the MPCP, Turning Back the Clock (or smashing it) replacing it with the new Stop Watch, The “What If” exercise and Programming the Brain, and Doing it All Again One More Time for FUN…

You can also find this PowerPoint on Spread the word and get people to imprint and do it one more time for FUN! Share this with leaders and team or UFO’s that are looking for it. Let us know what you think or get out of it.

Keep Growing

JR Ridinger

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