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Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Shop from 1000s of our exclusive products with Visa Checkout

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  • Visa Checkout allows consumers to bring the Visa card they prefer to use in the physical world to the online world, simply and easily – on SHOP.COM
  • Visa Checkout brings us closer to the simplicity and speed of a “swipe” in the online world.
    • Requires only a username and password to pay
    • Eliminates the need to reenter shipping and billing addresses
    • Shoppers never have to leave the SHOP.COM site to complete a purchase
    • Shoppers can use any major debit or credit card.
  • Shoppers now have a secure way to pay online with Visa’s advanced security tools and Zero Liability for consumers in case of fraud.
  • Visa Checkout allows shoppers to earn the same great rewards with the card they already use
  • You must create or use an existing account with Visa Checkout. Terms apply, see below.


Shop from 1000s of our exclusive products this holiday shopping season with Visa Checkout: