March 4th, 2019

Using Major Events Like World Conference and International Convention to Network and Recruit

Team, I felt compelled to share with you another great message I received in the wake of World Conference with an inspirational update from Mary Hollingshead. One great side-effect of our huge events like World Conference and International Convention is the fact that a gathering of 20,000 entrepreneurs tends to turn some heads and spark conversations about who we are and what we do – and Mary was able to leverage this to network and discover a new business partner. She also has some kind words to share about a great UnFranchise leader Lou Manfredi, who went above and beyond to help his fellow UnFranchise Owners make it happen. That’s what being a UFO leader is all about! Congratulations to them both for setting such a great example!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Message from Mary Hollingshead:

I love hearing from you and all that you and your team do to help us UFO’s build our business. Since I got back from Miami I have been building this business with urgency and encouraging my team and others that we need to be all lined up when the waves from the Ocean come from the Shopping Annuity. I can see it coming and I want to be ready! You know that you said that one day people will be calling us asking to join the business and you know, JR, that is starting to happen.

Really quick story… while in Miami at lunch time several hundreds of us were leaving the convention to go to lunch.  When I was walking across the street two young ladies stopped me to ask why so many people with “Convert your Spending” and “Get Paid to Shop” shirts were so happy.  She wanted to know who we were and how could she join us. I shared that over 20,000 business owners were here in Miami learning how to build their business from all over the world.  That as a global company we help the average person get paid for the things we do every day by shopping online. That’s all I said and asked her where she lived and if she was interested in learning more to give me a call. Her friend was like can I have your card too?!

I never expected to hear from them because how many times we give our card to someone and they never call. Well, not this lady, Towanna called me 3 days later and I was able to get her on a webinar with Lou Manfredi the next day. She was so excited and we are following up with her now to see if the timing is good for her and what the next step is for her to start her business.  How cool!I feel so blessed and grateful for all the help I am getting from Lou Manfredi in York, PA.  He is not my senior business partner nor are we directly financially connected however when we met a few years ago we clicked. Lou has been there for me every step of the way.  Lou is such a team player and really does live and believe in the saying, “One Team one Dream.”

I believe with all my heart that I will be one of your future Directors and Millionaires along with my family.  This is my dream and with the help of Lou now we are going to make this happen for me and my team. It was three years ago yesterday that we met, JR, in Hershey PA at boot camp for the Shopping Annuity.  Lou Manfredi invited me and a few of my team to it. I cherish those fond memories and look forward seeing you soon in Ocean City, MD in May. “Another day another Billion!”  I Believe!

See you on stage!

Mary Hollingshead

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