February 27th, 2017

Updated UBP Video is Now Available on YouTube

One of the best aspects of events like World Conference is the fact that we use this time of year to release new video resources to the field that can be used as tools to help you work smarter rather than harder. In that light, I’d like to share with you now an excellent new UBP video which has been improved and updated based on the new UBP PowerPoint and UBP Flip Chart. This is excellent ammunition to help mobilize, educate, and inspire your team. It’s also a key part of the Basic 5, so be sure to share this with your team and prospects.

I’ve also listed some additional videos segments that work in conjunction with the new UBP video, including: 2 Market America | SHOP.COM Overview videos, an explanation of Horizontal vs. Vertical Marketing, as well as Five Steps to Building an UnFranchise. Overall these videos are a powerhouse of information that can really supercharge your UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



UnFranchise Business Presentation

The company has also created video segments from the UBP video.  See the links below:

Market America | SHOP.COM Overview (10:34)


Market America | SHOP.COM Overview (6:07)

Horizontal Marketing vs Vertical Marketing

Five Steps To Build An UnFranchise Business

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One Response to Updated UBP Video is Now Available on YouTube

  1. Fred Silck says:

    Great tools. We use them pre meeting or during one on ones and two on ones. A few years ago Jim Winkler shot a video which mirrored the pp presentation. It was a fabulous training tool to practice showing the plan. I’d like to see an accompanying video whenever the pp business plan is updated. By the way the current pp presentation is fabulous. Thank you, Fred Silck

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