August 14th, 2014

UnFranchise TV: Using Social Media To Fill the Funnel

Learn from Supervising Coordinator Sarah Rose Stack on how to fill the funnel with potential business partners and customers using social media. Sarah will conduct a special three-part coring that will include:

  • Active Posting and Follow-Up on Your Facebook Page
  • Warm Markets: Initiating Contact and Responding to Posts
  • Hashtag Searching: Business Partners and Products

This coring is a must-view by all UnFranchise Owners looking to expand their organization and customer base. Sarah’s ability to break down these key activities into fundamental actions is outstanding, and this training will help you learn how to more effectively fill the funnel using social media.


Click on respective links for preview:


Part 1:  Active Posting and Follow-Up Your Facebook Page


Part 2:  Warm Markets: Initiating Contact and Responding to Posts


Part 3:  Hashtag Searching: People and Products



Be sure to forward this message to all UFOs in your organization!


1.  To access UnFranchise TV:

Go to

Click the login or register link in the upper right hand corner


Follow the simple steps to login or register on and once logged in you will simply click on the categories dropdown in the header of the page and then scroll down to UnFranchise TV, then select Chinese, English, or Spanish (as available) depending for the language you wish to see content in.


Find the video you want to watch and then look to make sure you have enough credits to purchase the video.  You will find your credits at the top of the page when you are logged in with a link to buy more.



2.  To buy and use MeetON Credits:

Clicking on the link to buy more will take you to the page where you select the credit package that you wish to purchase.  Simply select the package you want and then select the payment method you want.



Go back to the TV show you wanted to purchase on Unfranchise TV and select to buy the video.  Enjoy the show!




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