October 9th, 2019

UnFranchise Owners Who Qualified as a Master UFO Earned a Second BV/IBV Placement

UnFranchise® Owners who achieved Master UnFranchise Owner (Master UFO) status during the second quarter (April 1 – June 30) will earn a second volume (BV/IBV) placement for the duration of the fourth quarter (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31).

Market America is pleased to announce that the second BV/IBV placement is available as of Tuesday, Oct. 1. Those who achieved Master UFO status for the second quarter, by June 30, will be able to place their selection for a second placement at UnFranchise.com > My Account > BV/IBV Management > BV/IBV Placement

Currently, UnFranchise Owners can place BV and IBV into any of their own personal Business Development Centers (BDCs) as well as into the 001, 002, or 003 of one designated UnFranchise Owner in their organization per calendar quarter, in accordance with the downline placement policy.

Earning Master UFO status provides the opportunity to have a second BV/IBV placement, which can result in more commissions as well as BV/IBV incentives for your organization. The second placement will be awarded for each quarter that you qualify as a Master UFO. If you do not qualify in the subsequent quarter, the second designated placement will be removed.

Market America encourages every UnFranchise Owner to become a Master UFO for a given quarter to become eligible to designate a second UnFranchise Owner for volume placement for the quarter after the respective reconciliation/verification quarter. For example, a UFO who completes the Master UFO criteria during Q4 2019 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2019) will be eligible to designate a second UnFranchise Owner for volume placement for Q2 2020 (April 1 – June 30, 2020). 

UnFranchise Owners may submit their Master UFO Program qualification criteria on UnFranchise.com. Simply go to UnFranchise.com > My Organization > Reports > Management Reports to locate the report called “Master UFO Program.” This report automatically populates information associated with the quarterly Master UFO criteria, such as your product orders and sales, your personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners and your completed Shopping Annuity® Assessment. 

Additional information such as the required trainings you have conducted and/or attended and tickets you have purchased for events must be manually submitted online. If you have not yet purchased your tickets to the Market America | SHOP.COM 2020 World Conference or to your home country’s next major event, now is the time to take action and position yourself for success and to meet the Q4 2019 Master UFO criteria.

Market America’s mission has always been — and remains — to provide UnFranchise Owners with a better entrepreneurial experience and a better way for their customers to shop. The Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) is the most lucrative and realistic compensation plan ever created. When you master the Plan by becoming a Master UFO, statistical evidence shows that you increase your chances for greater success and higher commissions over those who do not participate in the Master UFO program.

The Master UFO program encapsulates the Basic 5 fundamentals of the business and includes the result-producing activities that create growth and duplication. This program allows you to enter into action with belief and confidence based on knowing that UnFranchise Owners before you have accomplished their financial goals. The reward for completing the Master UFO program has always been the growth that it creates within your business and organization.


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