March 12th, 2019

UnFranchise Merchandizing Roundup: Week of 3/11

This week we’re highlighting some great products and resources within your Business Center on to help you build your business and convert spending into earning like a champ. Each week we’ve got a great cycle of banners on which highlight the key promotions which can help you build and grow, so pay special attention to the things we feature!

In addition to highlighting our incredible Shopping Annuity Brand products, you’ll also find an important new product survey about Coffee and Tea which everyone needs to take. Remember, your feedback and input are critical aspects of our product development cycle, so you’ve got another great opportunity to share your opinion and have a direct impact!

You’ll also find within your Business Center some great BV products this week for Children and Pets. In addition to great BV products you’ll also see our incredible IBV Essentials Bundles as well as Snacks with IBV highlighted this week – which can serve as a great source of IBV to help you hit 300 and beyond! Each week we’ll be highlighting a different group of products so be sure to pay attention to the different products, services, and information we feature next week because ultimately, it’s all designed to help you succeed as UnFranchise Owners!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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