August 31st, 2020

UnFranchise Inspiration: How Elizabeth Weber Builds the Business

Team, I just wanted you all to see this & hear some good news and be aware of an example of doing what we started and rebooted a year ago.  Elizabeth Weber carried on and promoted it and continued doing it on her own and in fact perfected this on Zoom on her own.  She is promoting & selling MAIC2020 and using her example to push that may be effective and should be done. Here’s our recent text conversation which adds more flavor to the story…

Message from Elizabeth Weber: 

I am so excited.  I’ve been nonstop on zoom.  Getting a record number of people attending the IC!  I have two new teams that are gonna blow your mind!  All professionals!  I’ve been up doing zooms on the west coast!  Detroit Michigan is ready to explode!  EVERYONE is looking!  I’ve never seen it like this EVER!  It’s exploding!  Thanks for everything! ❤️

My Response:

I can’t wait to get together to see- it -at our monthly update & strategy session which is up. Or maybe even update diagrams and send them and we Have a zoom update strategy session?


Elizabeth’s Response:

I’m working a lot with Deb Pam and grace.  Talk about getting people to lead to people.  I gave “team all in” an assignment to write down the 10 most influential people they know along with their backgrounds.  The next week their assignment was to book evaluations with them.  It’s exploding everyone’s business!   That one simple assignment with A. Accountability.  Got them out of their comfort zones. These are people they never called who they looked up to but were on their chicken list.  We know these are the people that are smart and see it and everyone listens to them causing momentum big time!  We are doing registrations daily!   Thank you for the best most rewarding business in the world! 

My Response:

This is fantastic and you are in the flow or the power of the business that is the essence of what really works and makes it work.  No one else really gets that or does that.  At least you do and it is a blessing. It is really quite simple, but everyone complicates it and fights it.  Keep it up as it will grow exponentially, and I am here to team up in any way that you can think of. 

Elizabeth’s Response:

The entire team is doing it.  21 people. We are all experiencing the same thing.  You’re right it’s simple but you have to coach and give them instructions in tiny bites then hold them accountable and do everything in teams! Make them all feel part of the team and HAVE FUN!

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