February 27th, 2019

Understanding UnFranchise Improvements: Great Assets to Share with Your Team

I’d like to share some incredible content & assets including short video clips created by our award-winning multimedia team which can help us maintain momentum from World Conference. These clips also help drive home the biggest points and most important concepts we presented at MAWC2019 to help inspire you to think and act differently so you can become a GoNow!

As you know the new system for driving the SAMM program with 300 IBV/quarter and the 10-20-30 IBV accrual option requirement goes into effect this April. These changes will make our business even more empowering, and we want everyone to get everyone on board and rowing in the same direction. If you want people who were at World Conference to have the same passion as they left with, you need to share this material with them!

For UFOs who weren’t at MAWC2019, this is a great opportunity for them to gain the insights they need to really leverage these changes and improvements. By sharing this information you’ll help educate fellow UnFranchise Owners while also helping them grow. Sharing these assets will help spread the word and get everyone on the same page!

We’re so excited about these improvements because they will spike IBV and many of you will even earn IBV checks. I suggest you review these videos below, including this this 4-minute videofrom World Conference with Marc Ashley introducing these new updates including, Super IBV, Ambassador’s Choice products, Rastelli, and Restaurant.com that everyone already buys anyway for under $1000 per month with free shipping and no searching – plus over 500 IBV!!!!!!  Marc shows the actual orders and totals and you can copy them and use them yourself.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/GOu5BR1l68k


I would everyone look at this and then talk about the plan to do it! Everyone agrees that everyone uses these products. This keeps it really simple. You can also use the PowerPoint presentationsfrom MAWC2019 to show people!

Below are edited short sessions on some of the most important points that caused the billionth of a volt go off in people brains to start reprograming their brain and acting to build and imprint the right way NOW.Look at these and tell me what you think. I would not only post these but use them at corings, locals, counseling, GMTSS events but send them by email or text to leaders, prospects or new GoNows you are working with to “light their fires”


WeTransfer link: https://we.tl/t-rKOaDNlMzu

Contains 3 Files:
Marc Ashley – 2 person household getting 300 IBV and beyond to achieve SAMM (4:04)
Marc Ashley – 300 IBV Announcement (0:58)
Marc Ashley –  What Counts towards the 300 IBV (0:55)

Marc Ashley – Getting 300 IBV and beyond
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/GOu5BR1l68k



WeTransfer Download Link: https://we.tl/t-43X8XenWU2

Contains 3 Files:
MAWC2019 – JR Ridinger – Imprinting with Chickens.mp4 (1:00)
MAWC2019 – JR Ridinger – Imprinting with Ducks.mp4  (1:00)
MAWC2019 – JR Ridinger – Imprinting with Geese.mp4  (1:00)

MAWC2019 | JR Ridinger – Imprinting – https://youtu.be/595CKR9r0P4
MAWC2019 | JR Ridinger – Imprinting (Extended Version) –https://youtu.be/58au0Wu4Gro


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