October 5th, 2018

UFOs: Join the Waitlist for our Upcoming SHOP Concierge Program!

Team I’ve got a very important announcement to share with you regarding the upcoming SHOP Concierge Program. We’re launching a beta version ov this program in early November and right now we’re looking for UnFranchise Owners who can help serve as pioneers for this groundbreaking new program.

This personalized service was created to provide a “Concierge,” or personal shopper, to assist with finding and matching household and consumable products for the UnFranchise Owner to support them in converting their spending into earning through the Shopping Annuity® and SHOP.COM.

 Join the SHOP Concierge Waitlist Today!

We will continue to send out additional invitations as we ramp up the beta program to an official launch. The only way to receive an invite is to sign up today at www.shop.com/concierge/waitlist. Please keep in mind this is currently only available to UnFranchise Owners residing in the U.S.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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