July 9th, 2019

UFO Rundown: GoNow Gameplan – July 2019

Last night’s GoNow Gameplan with Sarah Rose Stack was yet another tremendous learning opportunity for our UnFranchise family. If you happened to miss this powerful show last night, fear not! You can still watch a replay by CLICKING HERE. I’ve also included below some crucial notes which can serve as an outline when reviewing this material. I suggest everyone take a moment to review this today as the tips and insights provided can have a massive impact on your success and growth as an UnFranchise Owner!    

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Tips for Social Media at MAIC2019

There will be fun and exciting ways all weekend long to get involved with convention happenings, but the easiest way is to share your experience on social media using the official event hashtag, #MAIC2019! 

The social media team loves sharing first-hand conference-goer experiences on our corporate social media pages.  Most importantly, you will start conversations with your friends, family and network about the event which can lead to more possibilities!

Here are a few image/post ideas on how to get in on the convention conversation going on Social Media:

  • Team Photos
  • Magic Moments
  • Favorite Presentations 
  • SHOP Local 
  • Gala 
  • Products you bring with you into the coliseum 
  • Pics with your 3 tickets to MAWC2020
  • Travel Products
  • Favorite Booths
  • Hashtag Signs and Photo Props 
  • Breakout trainings and Networking events
  • New products 
  • It’s time to get social! Get out there and share your International Convention experience using #MAIC2019. Keep an eye out on the MA Corporate pages where we will be featuring your photos, talking about surprise giveaways, ticket signings and much more!


All around the world, UnFranchise Owners ramped up to achieve Master UFO and SAMM and reached their goals at record numbers.  

With a focus on earning rather than spending, the new program featured a switch from a dollar spend to an IBV target. It’s not just about redirecting our spending, but rather redirecting our spending for the biggest return (IBV).  When that is done, you earn more IBV and spend less money – which is the goal and big win of course.   

Ways to ramp up your activity to generate more BV and IBV toward your goal: 
As the new quarter begins, start creating new habits to convert your spending into earning.  
Check out this article for tips on achieving SAMM and Master UFO.

Did you achieve Master UFO and/or SAMM?  
We want to hear about it! Take this survey and tell us how you did it. 


Happy Summer! Bring on the barbecues, beaches, pools and good times. What do all of those have in common? They’re all outside. What should you be wearing outside? Sunscreen!

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but it is also the most preventable because sun exposure is a major factor in its growth, which can be more controlled with the use of sunscreen.   

The Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Sunscreen SPF 30 seeks to shield your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Our SPF 30 sunscreen is mineral-based and contains zinc oxide, an ingredient providing effective protection mild enough even for most people with sensitive skin.

Plus, UnFranchise® Owners can earn either BV or IBV upon purchase. This will help hit their 10/20/30 monthly threshold. 

 Add Premium Brand Sunscreen to your skincare routine to help provide an important layer of defense against the sun!

Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Sunscreen – Single Tube (4 oz. / 118ml)

Code: 1403IBV

UC: $9.95

IBV: 4


Your foundation directly affects your ability to retail, prospect, recruit and expand your UnFranchsie Business.  There is a lot of focus on the SAMM program because ultimately, we know that that if you use more of what you have; you will have a higher level of belief and knowledge which results in more customers and business partners.  

The SAMM Program helps to establish your foundation and build toward Master UFO, which takes into account retail, business building and GMTSS.  The stronger your experience and belief in your products, the stronger your belief and posture will be when you build your business.  Both reports can be found on UnFranchise.com under “Management Reports” where you can track your progress.   
How would you rate your foundation?

  • Product of the Product: Exclusive Brands
  • Product of the Program: SHOP.COM 
  • GMTSS: Education and Belief


MAWC2019 Feedback
With International Convention just a few weeks away, it can be helpful to reflect on the last event which was a massive success.  JR Ridinger said –

“I have never experienced or received so much positive feedback coupled with action since we started 27 years ago. I am sharing some of these with you all.  It’s time for action and doing it one more time as Geese with a stopwatch (smash the clock and past to smithereens).  A great start to qualify people to be on the team is MAIC2019 tickets as if they don’t have them they are still ducks or chickens and not ready. The workshops held by the executive sales team should be filled to capacity! The time for action is now! Share your own experience or results from MAWC2019 because it helps others understand the importance of attending events like this! Feel free to leave me a comment here and tell me about your experiences, or better yet, post about it on social media so even more people can see it! Be sure to tag me so I see it!”

The article features hundreds of testimonials and magic moments that UnFranchise Owners sent in or posted on social media.  Need a reason to attend MAIC2019? Here are a few hundred:

GMTSS Round Up

Every event is packed with vital information for running the business and the intangibles. 

UnFranchise Owners come from all over the world to gain the key knowledge and experience that only a major event such as MAIC 2019 can deliver. From the time you arrive until you head home, the experience from MAIC can’t be matched. In just a few days, UnFranchise Owners attend main stage presentations, team meetings, breakout sessions, and seek every opportunity to network and gain knowledge from their peers and mentors. Each person’s experience and takeaways from the event are unique. Often times, you may feel that Loren or JR are speaking directly to you based on what you need to hear. That’s why we love to hear about your biggest takeaways and magic moments during the event.

Why Attend? 

By attending the live event, you open the door to more opportunities than if you simply watched the replay online. Replays are made available for  UnFranchise Owners to refresh on what they’ve learned but are not a substitute for attending live events.  

When you attend live you experience: 

  • Magic moments 
  • Powerful testimonials from successful UnFranchise Owners
  • Connections with like-minded people
  • Education from top leaders the field and in the company 
  • Special breakout sessions and booth experiences
  • Networking opportunities with top leaders
  • The lightbulb go off when you’re least expecting it
  • Strength, courage and support 

How to Promote MAIC with your Organization and Your Prospects

Getting your team to MAIC is as easy as 1-2-3.  

  1. Get your organization to Local Seminars and GMTSS Events.
    We build from event to event.  When UnFranchise Owners and guests attend local seminars and other GMTSS events, the speakers will promote the next big event and impress upon the audience how important it is to attend.  This can help to convey the major events importance to your people and provide more encouragement for them to attend. 
  2. Share Personal Experiences 
    Just like anything, people respond to personal testimonials, experiences and reviews more than information about the event/product/thing.  Share what you personally gained from attending events to humanize the event and inspire someone to attend. You can also share other testimonials such as the ones that people shared from our most recent event located here: https://bit.ly/2Wz2wDD
  3. Assist with Logistics to Attend
    Your prospect needs a ticket, a way to get there and a place to stay.  It’s easiest to sell a ticket when you have the physical ticket in hand, therefore, it’s always good to have 2 extra tickets that you have available to sell. Finally, you can help eliminate potential roadblocks by suggesting travel & hotel deals on your website or coordinating with others in your organization who are also attending.  


Date:August 8, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Location:Greensboro Coliseum I Greensboro, NC

Host Hotel:Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons


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