April 12th, 2018

Two Exciting New Updates on MarketAmerica.com!

We’ve got two new features on MarketAmerica.com that make this extraordinary site even more dynamic!

New Shopping Annuity Master Member Videos

Any successful UnFranchise Owner will tell you what a crucial role the Shopping Annuity plays for them. It’s the heart of our business and the rocket fuel that drives your growth as a UFO – not to mention it’s a great recruiting tool. I mean who’s not interested in learning how to convert spending into earning?

Our Shopping Annuity Master Members (SAMMs) are beacon lights for other UFOs to follow because they understand how to maximize their potential with the Shopping Annuity and follow through with action. MarketAmerica.com has some great new videos that feature our Shopping Annuity Master Members where they discuss the different tools, resources and concepts that have helped them achieve massive success by leveraging the Shopping Annuity. You’ll find these new videos at the bottom of the People page on MarketAmerica.com.


View Average Debt and Spending Statistics by Country

We understand the UnFranchise is a truly global business with UnFranchise Owners around the world all helping to build the economy of the future. While the concepts that make our business so powerful can be found in all our markets, we understand that it’s always more effective see information that directly relates to the market you live in (or intend to build in). You’ll find a new feature on the Opportunity page on MarketAmerica.com which allows visitors to see debt and spending statistics correlated with each country. This new update will help more people around the world visualize how much money they could redirect to SHOP.COM and their UnFranchise Business!

Stay tuned for more information about additional updates to MarketAmerica.com, as we are always seeking new ways to improve the tools and resources at your fingertips!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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